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  • Big Tx - Yeap, fake item.

    Total fake, but a good fake. Will give it a whirl. I'm sure for the price it is no worse than any generic. But when you compare it to a real one, you can tell, it is fake. But it is really hard to tell.

  • Amazon Customer - Returned it after 10 minutes

    I borrowed the Kindle version. Navigating is impossible because if you jump to an attraction, you then cannot get back. It is not worth having because it is so frustrating on a phone.

  • GardenGirl3878 - I like this kit a lot

    I like this kit a lot. It's really easy to use and I have seen a slight difference. I only left mine on for 15 minutes 2 days in a row. I was really nervous about getting it on my gums so I used it differently and I had no problems with painful gums. I used a small, clean makeup brush to gently brush on the gel on to each tooth instead of just putting little beads in the mouth trays. When the mouth trays hit your teeth, the beads flatten and go right up into the gums and it just sits there on them causing irritation. If you brush a small amount on the teeth you are really putting it just where you want it. I took photos of my teeth before and after and I can see the slightest difference in whiteness. Now, this wasn't like glowing teeth afterward but it did remove a bit of yellow stains..I drink a lot of tea so I am happy with my results so far. My teeth used to get really sensitive when I did the Crest whitestrips but so far I have had no sensitivity whatsoever and no stinging. I received this kit at a discount in exchange for my honest review. If you can keep the gel off the gums, you should have no problems. Lots of product for many uses and packaged securely.

  • April D. Lefevere - I like that it is GMO free and a higher dosage ...

    I take it everyday for circulation/inflammatory issues. I like that it is GMO free and a higher dosage than others I've used.

  • Denaizm - Exactly as advertised.

    My son plays the trumpet and is very pleased with this product -- his trumpet is cleaned and oiled well. Thank you.