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  • Christopher E. Justice - Recommended for a Complete Home Theater Experience

    Amazing experience and we spent 2 hours with it before even gaming. I love the voice control, Xbox pause, Xbox watch HBO, Xbox Skype Mandy, Xbox Netflix, it has everything from Crackle to Hulu. Forget Apple TV and Roku - this is worth it. The Skype experience is worth it as my wife has family in Brazil. We have 4-5 Brazilians talking at the same time and the camera is magic - it follow and zooms to whomever is talking. The games are good but it's really just the beginning for the platform. It is NOT backward compatible and there is no way to make it so. Stupid move from Microsoft and Sony. HDMI passthrough is the way to go.

  • Nathan - Made symptoms worse

    I found this product when I searched Amazon for hemorrhoid relief. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT for hemorrhoid treatment. It made a minor irritation from sitting too long into a major pain. Let's just say that there is some blood and other unpleasantness involved. It has a slightly minty smell and tingle that would be nice on say a minor burn on your arm, but when applied to a sensitive bum produced hell fire of the nether region. NOT A FAN!!

  • Will Glass - Purple People Sleeper

    I chose the purple mattress after months of searching online. I wanted it for its benefits of being firm enough to support and not cause pressure points to ache. The surface of the mattress is very remarkably different than other mattresses. The Purple material is soft, and absorb intentionally under duress, but springs back immediately afterward. Places like your hips and shoulders are absorbed into the purple material where as a leg will rest gently on top of the purple. The pockets definitely do as advertised where they give for your hard spots, and remain resilient where its needed. I would say the mattress does not sleep cold, but definitely neutral, it does not "trap" heat to your body. You are cradled well. Edges are supportive to sit on, the mattress works well for side and back and stomach sleeping. I am a large male (~300 lbs) so I use more of the foam layer support, but it still works very well for me. I had read that some people have "motion" issues with the mattress. I never had that experience, my wife can move or I can, and the motion is LARGELY eaten by the mattress. She moves and I do not notice a bit, and she claims when I change positions she notices it substantially less than before. That being said I also move less. I will wake up hours later in almost the exact spot I started which is a very new experience for me. I like the purple so far (2 weeks), I will update if that changes.

  • jpalko - Worst Device I've Seen in 20 Years! Or should I say worst setup and support I've ever seen.

    This is about as bad as it gets. First of all I am very tech savy and have been working with computers, computer cameras and other peripherals for 20 years. Instructions from manufacturer are to install a setup file from the included disk. Guess what...the files doesn't exist on the disk. I went to their site and the manufacturer answered a FAQ with there are no programs to install on the included disk. This sure made me wonder what was going on. So I searched the pyle audio webpage for a very long time and it doesn't appear that they have any files on their webpage to install the device. I then installed the windows camera helper from their disk. It then told me the ip address of the camera. I went to that address and was able to connect to the camera for a few moments. It gave me a way to install the ACTIVE or similar named program for the Windows explorer. I installed and then it told me it was an old file and I needed the new file (I just downloaded it???). I then looked for the reset button on the camera and to my surprise there was no actual button in the hole. Now I'm really laughing. OK so I did it. I held the imaginary reset button for 2 minutes just in case they has something on the circuit board I didn't know about. reset. At this point I decided the device is going back to it's maker. Guess what there is NO way to talk to tech support. You must sign up and review the device before you can write tech support. Of course I gave them the review they deserve. Good luck everyone.

  • Brandon J Blair - Wow! Love it!

    I'm a guy and bought this instead of an electric razor because I get rashes if I shave too closely. Wow, this thing cuts through my thick beard like a pro. It's actually a pretty close shave! I like the hair on my throat to be cut down to the skin so I actually use the inexpensive Panasonic ES-SA40-K Pro Curve Wet/Dry Shaver push-up trimmers for that. I also love that the different sized guards that come with this allow me to trim body hair, my beard, side's awesome! Sorry if that's TMI but the guys out there need to know that this thing is far more practical, especially for the money, than a beard trimmer or even a much more expensive electric razor if you don't like a really close shave.

  • Amazon Customer - Not for me, but all the other ladies love it.

    This would be better for someone that doesn't have a sensitivity to Whey...I wanted to try it just in case I had a different reaction to it than all the other protein shakes I've had. Not the case, but the other females in my office love it, so they've been drinking it.

  • sean philippi - Great price

    Love these bottles! They work every time and this is the best value I've found. Paid nearly double when I got it in a headshop.