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  • Life Is Much Better Now - price-levaquin-usnd - Most people don't understand what I've had to endure in the last 3 years. They think I've always been this thin and fit but truthfully, I've lost around 83 lbs in the last three years. It's been a gradual weight loss: a lot of times, frustrating as can...
  • Working Remotely But Need Face Time With Employees... - price-levaquin-usnd - I have a small business where my employees work from home for my company. Usually we don't see each other much, but I wanted to have weekly meetings. Most of the time we've met for a business breakfast somewhere, but it's just too noisy for us to have...
  • My Best Friend Made Me Think, LoL... - price-levaquin-usnd - My best friend does pretty well for himself. He has a nice house and a pretty expensive car, which he picks me up in to go out. I wanted to wait until we were friends for a few months to ask him what it was that he did for a living. We would always get...
  • Oh, That One Time In Miami... - price-levaquin-usnd - Last year I went to Miami for a vacation. I wanted to check out the area, the clubs, and cool places to eat. The beaches were great, and we did a lot of shopping and sightseeing. I had never been anywhere else in Florida except for Jacksonville, so I...

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  • Ronald B. Vlack - Great product. Amazon needs to fix the state download problem

    I also could not download the state program. Amazon is working on this. It's just an error on their part that they download the 12.99 version even if you buy the 21.99 version. They will refund the 21.99 and you can order it from the taxact website for the same price, but I told them to fix the problem so that the correct version is downloaded which enables you to get the state download

  • Curly - Ok product, disgusting smell

    I purchased this product at a local beauty supply store that accepts returns, thank God. I have coarse, medium curly hair, that has been damaged by dying and straigtening. I did not notice a significant difference in my hair, which is what I expected given the price of a product that I've never even heard of. The smell reminded me of the days when I was 21 and would hang out at clubs where the cigarette smoke stuck in my hair.

  • Clint - The new labels do not say 8-ply. Don't trust older reviews; the product has changed since some time around or after 2005!

    I purchased this hose on the basis of previous Gilmour Flexogen 8-ply hoses that I've owned. The older hoses easily get 5 stars; my parents have some from the 80s or 90s that are still in excellent shape and are pretty much impossible to kink unless you're actively trying. I bought myself one around 2005 that seems to be of the same quality as my parents', and I use it quite frequently. All of these older hoses had labels that prominently said "the only 8-ply." The label on the newer hose doesn't mention 8-ply anywhere, even though the product title does. The newer hose was obviously of a lower quality as well; there are plenty of other hoses out there that kink more easily, but this one was still pretty easy to kink, unlike the older ones I've used.

  • Pamela G. Downing - Use with Anti-fungal tea tree oil soap

    Used in conjunction with the anti-fungal soap with tea tree oil is very effective. I was finally able to clear up my ringworm caught from one of my students. Use the soap three times a day on the infection. Dry it and apply this oil on the infected area. It takes several weeks to even a few months, gradually bring down the usage of the oil to once a day then just use the soap for a while once the infection disappears. Prescription pills did not work for me but using this oil with the soap did! There are different fungus types so this may not work for everyone but for me I give it 5 stars!

  • Amazon Customer - I LOVE my TYME Iron and highly recommend to everyone

    I LOVE my TYME Iron and highly recommend to everyone! I have thin/fine hair and could never keep a curl! With the right products, my hair looks better than it ever has. It takes a few tries to get down the technique, but once you get it, you will love it as much as I do!

  • Rachel - Perfect fit

    These fit my 2014 Subaru crosstrek. I did need to take out the inner rubber like other crosstrek owners mentioned because Forrester bars are shaped differently. After that it was prefect. They look just like the manufactures bars at a Grafton of the price. So happy with the look. Also very easy to install. I've never put any thing on any of my cars before so this was new to me. I managed it in no time!

  • Mom2Many - Almost great.

    We searched long and hard before deciding on this bike as a gift for our 16 year old son. We were all hopeful that the nearly $300 price tag would provide the same quality. The bike arrived and right off my son was thrilled. So thrilled he was okay with the broken reflector and missing break cord. We were less pleased but glad he was happy. We have searched the packaging thoroughly (and repeatedly). The break cord was not included. Kind of a big deal for a bike.