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  • S. Hansen - IT WORKS!

    Absolute life saver at our house of many critters. IT WORKS! I am using it conjunction with the spray.

  • Theresa H. - Hair Essentials not a miracle cure, but it helps

    It does help with hair loss and it slows, down than stops that excessive loss (you know the one where you look into the tub after a shower and want to cry because there is so much hair there). I didn't know I had new hair growth, even though my beautiatian said she thought my hair felt thicker to her and my natural curl was coming back. My nails were finally growing again and thicker. Unfortunately I stopped taking it for two months to see if it really had worked (very dumb idea). Well for me it does because my hair started falling out after two weeks, became visably noticable to me and my family that it was thinner after a month and a half. My beautiatian noticed it was not as healthy and thinner at my hair appointment, she was quite dissappointed I had stopped taking it and suggested I go back on it.

  • F. Masters - Nice accent to the Charger

    Nice accent to the Charger, but the brake peddle is a bear to get on. The gas peddle is plug and play.

  • MitziW - Mixed Review

    I am a homeschooler of two children, both of whom we thought would benefit from the information in this manual. The information in the book is interesting, and the procedures are sequenced well. The manual itself is not what you would expect for the amount of money spent, though. The manual looks to be 'home-made'; laser printed pages that are spiral bound. There are many spelling and grammatical errors throughout. For the money spent, I would have liked to have seen a more professional presentation, and reading it would have been much easier without all of the errors.

  • Amazon Customer - Just Not for Me

    I purchased this game thinking it would be a relaxing game I could play maybe an hour or so every week; however, this game requires a great amount of work/time. I have played similar games where you just lick on the field and tell the computer what you want done and the computer would do the rest of the work. In "Farming Simulator 2013" you have to walk to the tractor, back up to the implement, attach the implement. Once you have attached the implement you have to drive the tractor to the field and drop and raise the implement on every row. I plowed one field and it took me about 15 minutes.

  • WildVine - Simplistic Spellbook

    In giving an honest review, I must say that I imagine most people would be somewhat disappointed with this book, though it is not downright terrible by any means.