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  • Lia Burres - Works wonders for my two youngest children.

    I will certainly be buying this again. It does help to relax my child and soothes him. I've used it on my 11 month old and my six year old. I use it to help them sleep at night. It works well, not over powering with the smell of lavender and it's perfect for all skin types. It doesn't take very much to bathe them either. One bottle of this has lasted for well over 6 weeks. I do have to recommend this to others and for parents especially.

  • Dennis Vanmeter - Great Stuff

    I've been using this product for yrs i see reviews it doesn't work well for those reviews your not reading the instructions an ur stll smokin if u can't take a break for 72,hrs you DID NOT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, this product has NEVER let me down i use both the pill also The Stuff my opinion is the Best on the market today for THC removal

  • Daniel Baker - Slow, Slow, Slow oops it's crashed!

    I purchased the original leappad for my children and was really impressed with the unit. My boys love it so when the leappad ultra was announced I preordered two of these believing they would be vastly improved from the Original leappad & leappad 2. Sadly I was wrong - an expensive mistake! The unit sounds impressive and is certainly robust enough for children. However the unit, which is claimed to be faster, appears as fast as the original leappad. As another reviewer has said it appears the operating system can't keep up and I suspect they're right. One of the advances from the first two leappads is the kids safe wi-fi functionality. The way the contents is filtered and presented is good, in fact for young kids I'd say it's fantastic. However it is limited to pictures and video and this is where the unit really falls flat on its face. The video is presented in a small box, not full screen, and is of low quality. Further more the system struggles with most of the videos meaning the unit continuously crashes and goes back to the main screen. I've updated the firmware and have fibre optic broadband (as well as a host of other devices perfectly functional with video). As the wifi & screen size are the two biggest distinguishing features, setting it apart from the older versions, I'm somewhat surprised leapfrog hasn't ensured the user experience is more reliable. If you're buying for the games then this unit is great but possibly better to save some money and just get the previous leappad. If you're thinking of upgrading, or want it for the wi-fi content, I'd wait and see if leappad do anything about improving the user experience and ensuring the system does not crash on videos they've approved! All in all I've spent a lot of money on two systems that the kids are just going to be frustrated with because of it keep crashing. I have contacted leapfrog but had no real help. In fact they appeared surprised by me stating I had a problem with the system crashing. HELLO, guys, you've seen the reviews!!! And NO the firmware update hasn't helped! overall a poor device, poor support & poor customer service.

  • geo jones - Very quirky robot and fun to play with

    I gotta say this little guy was delivered to my door yesterday and I spent about an hour playing with him. Very quirky robot and fun to play with. I know the more you play with him he will learn more thanks to the on board AI. I am rather impressed he was easy to set up and data is held on your device and robot securly. Almost pet / human like in a way.