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  • http://pocp.com/blog/top-ten-health-it-trends-for-2016/ Top Ten Health IT Trends for 2016 - By Tony Schueth, Editor-in-Chief If 2015 was any indicator, 2016 will continue to be a year of innovation and change in health care and health information technology
  • http://pocp.com/blog/massachusetts-new-law-to-combat-opioid-deaths-could-affect-ehr-and-pharmacy-systems/ Massachusetts’ New Law to Combat Opioid Deaths Could Affect EHR and Pharmacy Systems - By Connie Sinclair, Director, Regulatory Resource Center Massachusetts recently enacted comprehensive legislation to help combat opioid abuse deaths, which have
  • http://pocp.com/blog/12-years-and-counting-2/ 12 years and Counting - By Tony Schueth, CEO & Managing Partner Last week, LinkedIn announced my 12th year at Point-of-Care Partners (POCP). Since I started the company, that makes POCP
  • http://pocp.com/blog/i-stop-maybe-not/ I-STOP? Maybe not. -  By Michael Burger, Senior Consultant When passed in 2013, NY’s I-STOP legislation was touted as a bellwether for patient safety, EHR adoption and interoperability.

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  • Travis - Knives

    My wife's parents have used these knives for ages, and she wanted a set for herself. Simply put, she loves them. They cut well, and they store easily. The only downside is there isn't enough room in the knife rack for the bonus knife, but that doesn't take away from the fact that these are quality knives.

  • S Dougie Goodman - Big agenda - lots of space per day

    This is a beautiful agenda book. Bought it for my daughter who attends college. Please note, it is a VERY large book. This is beneficial if you need to write many items per day. If you don't require as much space daily, you might consider a smaller version.

  • Earl T. - These Hertz are 10 times better. I will recommend these to anyone spending in ...

    I replaced a set of Focal PS 165V's. These Hertz are 10 times better. I will recommend these to anyone spending in this price range. Clear and crisp with better power handling capability (JL 600/4 used to run them) than Focal. All thumbs up!!

  • Dr. Tek - Tivo File Support, But Crippled at Best!

    Roxio is one of the ONLY programs out there that offer Tivo file support for editing and authoring. I bought 2012 with that in mind, but much to my surprise, the resolution is limited to 640X480. I've sent emails to BOTH Tivo and Roxio, and each one points to the other as the reason for the crippling. Roxio has had Tivo support for some time, albeit crippled.

  • Chrystina Williams - Great Study Guide to Get You Ready for the HESI

    This study guide goes over all of the basics of the HESI test, as well as goes in depth with each of the subjects, and even has practice questions to get you ready. I took the HESI about a week after receiving this (and passed) and it seemed to cover most of the questions that I had. I didn't use this as my only study source but it did help me out a lot.

  • MichaelS - It works better than I expected

    It works better than I expected. I saw a lot of negative reviews on this in regard to how jagged it was on the skin and the difficulty of of changing the razor blades. I found the blades easy to install. I used to use the original Man Groomer trimmer and while it worked well for years as the trimmer head wore down it began to tug and pull hair and never trimmed the hair as close as the Bro Shaver. Keep in mind that it is 3 razor blades side by side with a guard over the blades, similar to a safety razor, so you do need to move more slowly or at least with more care than a trimmer, but overall I like this more than when the Man Groomer was brand new.

  • Janelle L. Dickinson - manuka honey

    I baught this for my husband,he has a stomach ulcer and used it daily for a month and did not have hardly any stomach upsets at all,he ran out of the honey and within a few days of being out his stomach aches returned.I think theis product really does work