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  • Thomas Welch - Sorry to say the WORST Customer Service I have EVER encounted !!!!

    I first downloaded the "Free " ( I should've known right there NOTHING is FREE ) antivirus. I was having trouble getting it to set up for some reason. So I called into Customer Support (CS) and got a very nice gentleman that offered to access my computer remotely and take a look around and help me get set up. Great I said and gave him permission to connect and he started " Looking Around " . He found all kinds of trouble in the DEEPEST part of my Computer.. Problems I didn't even know I had? He seemed genuine enough and said If I'm not having a problem now I would be Very soon if I didn't get someone ( A Professional ) to work on and Clean up my computer??? Of course the easiest way is for them to do it.. After all they are already connected so I had a week moment and said yes to the $119.00 Clean up special that they offered! To be honest I have NO idea if they " Fixed " anything in my computer or Not ??? I haven't noticed any difference???? Anyways after they did their thing I decided to Purchase the " PREMIER " package ( another $50.00 + ) that they offered because it came with ( Or I Thought ) Remote access. I Purchased the package downloaded it and then tried to set up the remote access.. I could NOT make it work so I called back into CS and was told by the 1st Rep. that I got that the" Premier Package Does NOT allow for remote access" ( WTF ) I asked him several times if he was sure because on the website it clearly states that Remote access is part of the Premier package. I was told NO it wasn't included so I asked to have my purchased CANCELLED ASAP. I was told you have do that on the website and make a support ticket so I did! After waiting a day and cooled off a little I decided to try one more time with CS and low and behold the person I got this time said OH YES the Premier comes with remote access that's what it does ???? Long story short After them telling me in order to get the help I needed to set it up I would need to but their service for $179.00 I begged for them to Cancell my service.. Again I was told to go to the website and make a support ticket and I DID AGAIN !!! In Closing this is the ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever seen... and now I don't think there was anything wrong with my computer to begin with... It's ALL A BIG SCAM !!!! RUN AWAY from this Company !!!!

  • T. Philipps - Attractive protection

    This Spigen case looks great, is easy to grip, and doesn't add an annoying amount of bulk to the phone. It was also considerably less expensive than competing brands.

  • mia marie - bogus deal

    its just your run of the mill check register. it cost more for shipping than the item itself. ill save money by just going to the bank n picking one up.

  • Lewis Culer - Monthly payroll fee not displayed by Amazon

    Warning. There is a monthly per/employee fee associated with this software in addition to the software cost. I just got a bill from Intuit Payroll. Amazon does not post this additional fee.

  • Shelby - It is an amazing stroller for the money

    It is an amazing stroller for the money. The only I wish were better is the folding and unfolding. A lot of high end strollers made in 2014 have a one hand fold and this one does not. However, it doesn't seem to be "sticky" or tricky, it just requires both hands.

  • Katie McCoy - Longer, thicker lashes

    Very nice and easy to use. I really like the bang eyelash growth serum and it works. I haven't even been using it that long and can already tell that my lashes are getting fuller and longer. It is made with argon oil, swiss apple stem cells, cucumber extract, biotin, keratin, clover extract, larchwood extract, green tea leaf extract and aloe vera. It is super easy to use. I comes with a brush that looks like an eyeliner brush. You apply it to your upper and lower lashes just like you would eyeliner. Then just let it dry. It doesn't burn or irritate my eyes. It is a clear liquid, so if you use it at night it will not stain your pillow. This serum is made in the USA and is backed by a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. That in my book makes it worth trying and gives you plenty of time to see if you have results. I received this product for free or at discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • ZyPhReX - This Book Helped Me Greatly With Ulcerative Colitis

    There are many reviews out there in respect to this book Gut And Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD. Within these there’s a kaleidoscope of different point of views in respect to what their personal opinions/anecdotes have been.