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  • Viktor - Smack Down!

    Just like the seller stated the box is a cheap replacement, but the disc itself works beautifully with minimal to no scratches. Very reliable!

  • James C. Peart - The user interface is horrible in FTM 2011

    I am so disappointed. FTM 16 was a descent program. Unfortunately there is no company support for FTM16 in a 64 bit system. I therefore thought an upgrade to 2011 was justified. But the experience has been horrible. The user interface is terrible and the book must be consulted on even the simplest of tasks. There is nothing intuitive about this program. Its handling of sources is lousy. After 2 weeks we have decided to go back to FTM16 for now and keep looking for another program to migrate to.


    Ordered my Solar Garden Light by SolarGlow , came within 02 days of ordering, nicely packed in Amazon Box. Looks exactly like the picture, nothing broken or missing.

  • Back on Track! - Standard Process - Purifican Product Kit with Gastro-Fiber

    I followed this to the letter and had 10 pounds off. I have found that I have no cravings for any junk food. I go out for dinner, I get chicken or fish prepared with olive oil, I ask for extra veggies on fresh salads in lieu of croutons or bacon; everywhere has been accommodating! I thank my good friends everyday who told me about the program. I am sleeping better, I feel better, I have more energy! Its been great. I plan on following the guidelilnes from Standard Process!

  • Brenda - I bought this and when I put it on my hands it melted like oil so I used it one day when my ...

    I didn't get used to the "old" version long enough when I purchased my second batch it was the "new" version. I bought this and when I put it on my hands it melted like oil so I used it one day when my hair was full of frizz and it calmed it right down. I think I will use this on a daily basis with just a little to calm my frizz. I still used a leave in and curl definer which if you follow the "curly girl" routine it's leave in first, then curl definer and lastly oil. It worked for me. I did the "plop" method of using a tshirt to dry and leaving it on for ten minutes before taking off and got really good results in a very humid climate.

  • JJ21 - I love this product

    Just upgraded my program. I love it. Very easy to use and I can make all kinds of different projects with it.

  • Jenn P - Love it except for one ingredient.

    I'm glad I tried these on Amazon, and not paid full price on QVC. I use them 1-3 times per week and the only thing I don't like is the menthol in this product. Not sure why it's there....but it's not needed.