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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Melinda J. - Fantastic!

    I am on oxygen 24 hrs. a day and therefore have terribly dry nostrils - to the point of frequent bloody noses. Maty's ointment is the only product I have found that works, and it does, wonderfully. Most products contain petroleum which cannot be used with oxygen. Maty's does not. I use it with a Q-tip several times a day and it heals, lasts, and keeps my nostrils from getting sores. I only wish it was easier to find!

  • cwayse - Great! NASTY AF though!

    I had to submit a pre employment drug test for my company. I took a at home the morning of the test and failed for thc, was scared shitless and only wanted to use the drink as a last resort. I followed the instructions and drank about 3 bottles of water before drinking the qcarbo32. After drinking that nasty ass drink I slammed 2 more smart waters and pee'd twice. Held the next piss in used it for the test. Next day I was hired! However wether it makes a difference or not idk im not expert but i stayed clean for almost a month before. If your in the same boat definitely recommend this product. Thanks QCARBO32! Also because I never seen it in any of the other reviews and was a question I had my test was done in a lab!

  • Mark Naile - Install was pretty straight forward and took only an hour

    Severe death wobble and went through 2 OEM stabilizer shocks before this was installed. Install was pretty straight forward and took only an hour. After 2 years the nut came off one of the shocks and we lost the outer bushing, I simply forgot to check the nuts were tight after the death wobble went away and time had passed. Customer service was able to replaced the bushing, thought I'd have to search high and low to find a replacement or order complete assembly again. I highly recommend this company, Excellent product and customer support!

  • Amazon Customer - sooooooo sad because i love the idea and look of this ...

    sooooooo sad because i love the idea and look of this case, however the case itself is ..peeling. its like little pieces are falling off and shedding. its so sad. Also my white case is now brown. It looks disgusting. i want to return it but i just love the lights and how well the lights work. but i have little white pieces of this case literally falling off, and its like it absorbs color of everything it touches. i really don't want to have to get rid of it. i think a black case wouldbe been more ideal.

  • Kindle Customer - Battery won't hold charge

    I am sad because I got this for Hubby for Xmas. He is in Electronics so he knows about these devices so it is definitly the battery. If the seller sends us a new battery then we will upgrade our stars because this little tablet is loaded with neat features.