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  • David Hatmaker - and I love my dog

    Reading this book, I found I was looking for ice floes while driving down the street to the grocery. At the grocery, I considered food that could be preserved for a year. I was even looking strangely at my dog, and I love my dog.

  • Jill O.A.T. - Versatile... Can use for animals too

    I realized that Cellfood really worked when a stray cat joined my household. She would sneeze so much, and so often, that I really worried for her. So I started putting 4-5 drops in the kitty water bowl and amazingly, the sneezing abated. I might hear the occasional single sneeze but no more hearing her sneeze 30 or 40 times in a row! I also had a never-ending algae problem in my "fish pond", which is basically a large plastic garden pot with tropical fish. I kept cleaning it, but the algae kept coming back. So I tried using 7 drops in the 5 gallon container. Voilà! No more algae!!! For myself, I put a squirt of Cellfood in a water bottle to take with me for daily consumption. I definitely have more energy with Cellfood, than without. If you want the benefits of their silica formula at a MUCH better price, buy some Food-Grade diatomaceous earth (silica) and mix a teaspoon in juice, water, coffee, tea or food daily. It's tasteless, and you can buy Several Thousand teaspoons of D.E. For the same price as one of their silica formula bottles.

  • Pete in GA - Fast Charger for Galaxy Note 7

    Very happy with this charger! Keep in mind I bought this for my Note 7. With the Note 7, it does go from blue to green, indicating fast charging. The phone also indicates the same. When I charge an S7 Edge, it does not go to green, making me think fast charging is not working right. Either way, good charger, works well, and I would recommend it!

  • Mariya Matthews - LOVE IT

    I L-O-V-E LOVE the book! It is sooooooooooo funny! My fave character is Nicole. Love the part where she pukes on Sara and then Sara forgives her!

  • Lovemonger1 - Highly Recommended

    I use this twice a year to prevent mold growth in my shower and it works great. Just sprayed on, let it sit overnight, then with a very lightly moistened sponge go over the job to get rid of all the residue drips and spotting marks. Love this product.

  • Chloe - Male to female

    For someone that's transgender these are a great product to have estrogen levels are higher and my boobs are getting bigger so glade I got these

  • Carol Stepp - I would definately recommend this product

    I paid $100.00 for this full price at a tanning salon, I just loved it, it made your skin so soft and your tan looked natural. Would definately recommend this product.