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  • Links2me - This stuff is great.

    I wish there was a way to filter out the people who don't have any idea what they're talking about in these reviews. This product is excellent. I'm sorry you were taken advantage of by a shady car dealer, but that doesn't make this product bad. I've personally applied this to three of my cars and it has saved the paint from the plague of love bugs. And I mean that I applied it, not the dealer. By the look of the product in the picture, it is the same can I use that I got from the dealership where my husband works. One can will coat two cars three times.

  • D. Larkin - happy

    Got the book at a very great price- was in a coding/billing class that was a prep to take the state test and this book broke down things and made it easier to understand- I would def recommend this to someone going to take the CPC exam for medical billing/coding...yes I did pass the test my 1st try!

  • margaret turner - complicated software

    this program is very complicated to use. I locked myself out of many sites. very disappointed in product, they forgot to tell you that you needed a degree to use it to its fullest potential'' i had to delete it so i had control of my computer again.

  • Ashley bittner - Does not kill fleas!!

    Does nothing.. Not sure what theses other people are using that are giving good reviews but I followed the exact inductions and I literally watched fleas all crawling on my cat ad I rinsed her and was picking live one's of les then 5 minutes after her bath.. also this is the 6th bath in 2 months still see no results going to buy better product tomorrow.