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  • Maggie McFarland - Needs an editor

    In the first few pages there are quite a few typos. "Loose" instead of lose, singular instead of plural, etc. I can't take a book seriously when no one is checking for typos. It seems poorly put together and it just explains a lot of the subjects rather than gives tips or informs. I need to ace this test and I put it down after I saw all the mistakes.

  • barbara diaz - It works

    This product does work, proper exercise & eating habits controlled. Nothing is free & they charge you for the second month, if your not to lazy to call & Let them know that you don't want the product. They assume your happy like the rest of us. Say the truth before you embarrass your selves!

  • Katie - Star Kaleidoscope.

    This product was not what I expected. I may not have read the product description very well, but I somehow thought this was a way to help us see stars near us through this fancy gadget. It's really cheap plastic and you cannot use it unless you're in a well lit room. It works kind of like a kaleidoscope. It was not near the high tech fancy gadget I thought it would be for whatever reason. It is confusing to use at first but it is pretty neat to learn about constellations and what you can see where. Just use it inside first or bring a flashlight. I do still really like it and occasionally when we have our inside campout I'll make my guy drag it out and we can pretend we're looking at stars. It's a great novelty.