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  • patricia - Love this product!

    I've used this product for several years and love it. It really is an all-in-one, although I do use a little toner or moisturizer under it in winter when indoor air is very dry (I have dry skin). It leaves a beautiful matte finish, no need for powder. It can be applied very lightly for a natural look or heavier if you need to cover imperfections.

  • Tamra B Jensen - Shampoo

    It smells delicious,I love all things orange but makes my hair feel weighed down which I hate because I have alot of fine hair and am looking for volume...Maybe I will try it as a body wash so it isn't a total waste?

  • Mark Lock - Low Sensitivity Old electronics fragile

    I have tried 2 of these radios and found out the sensitivity is very bad, like the antenna has been removed, i have compared this radio to other portable shortwave radios such as eton e1 and notice hardly no difference, the ICF 2010 has a AM sync to cut static interference from drift comparing the Sony ICF 2010 reduced the static more but it sounds "hollow"; "tinny"; high boosted midrange hear less static but have a hard time making out the words what is heard, the SONY ICF 2010 radio came out in 1984, and it is highly over rated, other radios have the same AM SYNC and has better results making out the words.

  • S. Dubya - Will Not Work for Comcast Internet and Voice

    Just wanted to send a warning out there for people like me who are not tech savvy with modems - I found out the hard and long way that this modem will NOT work if you have Comcast internet and telephone. It only has a cable jack and an Ethernet jack (the Ethernet cable is the cable that runs from your computer or router to the modem). For Comcast voice, you need a telephony cable modem that has a cable jack, Ethernet jack, AND a phone jack. I discovered after a visit to Frys that 99.9% of the cable modems do not have phone jacks - 3 of the 4 salespeople I spoke with had never even heard of one having a phone jack. However, the Best Buys that have a Comcast installation center in them DO sell the special telephony cable modem (brand is Arris), but it costs $150. I'm sure I could have found one cheaper online, but I was pretty done with it by then. The rental fee for the Arris modem through Comcast is $7 a month. It would take over 21 months of rental fees to pay off the $150 price, and by then something new would be on the market. So I just bit the bullet and rented from Comcast. Hope this info saves someone else a day of frustration.

  • GeekGrrl - Super Pissed

    I was very excited to get this machine. I have friends who have older models who love them. Unfortunately so far it's just a rather expensive brick. I tried to update the firmware for the machine as instructed in the setup instructions. The update failed and now my machine won't turn on at all.

  • Gerald Wood - Go for the Elephant!

    Goodness it doesn't hardly get any better than this perfume. It's like a Christmas Holiday following you around and making you feel happy without gaining the calories. Spicy, soft and well put together and others think so too!