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  • Tom Kim - Must Buy

    Absolutely phenomenal. Not just the graphics but the mini storylines that the game has when you die. Of course, since the game just came out there are some small bugs/glitches here and there, such as bodies floating over craters, but other than that, this game will outplay COD Infinite Warfare by a long shot. You can tell how much time the developers put into this game. If you were a hardcore COD player, you will have to be patient with the recoil and the aiming since these are WWI guns and the game itself is trying to be as realistic as possible. The campaign so far is amazing since they use real life events which add to the authenticity of the game as a whole

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  • Amazon Customer - Boooh no good

    I was going to get it but after reading the comments I'm glad I didn't and I never bought it before because a lot of the loyal customers now can't even go to their old program. I guess I'll stick to the one I got or get something for a good price that does almost the same thing. Until they figure something out better I won't get this software not even try it.

  • areadizant - A miracle!

    One of our two cats, Moz, has an EXTREMELY thick coat. It's medium length, but it seems to multiply with every brush! He's not especially fond of most brushes we use on him, he prefers to bite them instesd of being brushed, but he LOVES this one. The first time I used it, he sat there for 10 full minutes while I brushed handfuls upon handfuls of fur out of his coat... When I went to put it away, he meowed and followed me (clearly very upset with me) and then sat by the cupboard meowing some more so I'd pull it back out. Now I know if I ever need him to be somewhere, I just pull out that brush and he'll be there instantly. Really not exaggerating, he loves it more than anything EVER.

  • Whistlingdixiee - Not sure if it's fake..I will do a comparison

    I tried this mask and it did zip-zero for my hair. My hair is normally in very good shape. It's just a little dry from coloring, so I thought I would try a deep conditioner. This product did ZERO. So, I see here in the reviews that a lot of people who have tried this product before from another seller, say that this one is a fake. I am inclined to believe them. So, I am going to buy a duplicate Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask from Ulta and compare. I'll find out if this product from Amazon is fake. Then, I'm going to take action. If it is a fake this will be THE SECOND fake product from Amazon that I have received this month. Amazon, you need to check on these sellers!!! They are ripping the customers off and giving you a bad name! Do something when the customers start telling you about cheating sellers, for cripes sake!