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  • Nancy S. - Love it

    This brain health are perfect and I immediately felt more alert and awake. I have noticed that after having taken this product for a week , my brain is feeling more focus.This product give me the kind of mental clarity, sharpness and focus that a good cup of coffee do not would give me.

  • dora la exploradora - Not so heartless

    A Mafia Hitman with one task, break and keep her safe. He was not entirely a bad man. He had lost in his life and had felt deeply about that and the little Irish mob princess was stirring his feelings. His need to protect was overlapping his duty and he made his mind. Exciting, suspenseful and hot story. Liked how the strong emotions and the conflicted feelings were worked in the story. Dante’s struggling, his insight of his situation and his choices felt real. The story had action, suspense, violence, hot sex, strong emotions, a young woman opening her eyes to the real world, a mob man struggling to belong, bad mob characters, a wise secondary character and a HEA. Kept me interested all the time waiting for the outcome of an intense situation that seemed without escape. Good written! Voluntary reviewed the story to share my opinion.

  • M.M. - Recent format is a shadow of the former version.

    The decision to tranform this book from its long standing text-reference form to this flashy watered down version was a major blunder. I recall volumes from the 70's to the turn of the 21st century as an awesome resource for disovering not just 'people' records, but those of nature and the universe as well. While past volumes were hundreds of pages of tightly packed information; you can't find most of the previous records in these current formats, nor is most the information available on their website. Here's an example, what's the coldest land temp. ever recorded? My 1999 book of world records had that info., but information like that seems to have been replaced by 'how many lightbulbs can a person break off a trampoline'. Interesting? Perhapse, but not at the extent of the wealth of information that seems to have been locked away forever by the current publishers. I miss the days when the Guiness Book of World Records was an indexed atlas more than its current form of a 'freak show'.

  • Robert - Paid for itself

    Now that I have had to wipe my computer clean because of a non-malware, malware. I got infected with TRIVO it packed a lot of additional junk that once you try to remove it everything starts to eat your register. At any rate, I purchased Webroot hoping that it will prevent another catastrophic event. So far it has been worth my investment, it caught another virus called imminent, it fills your screen with highlighted words that take you to ads.