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  • julie - impressed

    I ordered these matts because all came together, back ones to. I'm so impressed with the fit for my 2014 Ford Escape, especially the back matt , that have the middle covered, how clever, keeps clean.

  • Jason Pearson - At The Least, It Helped

    I'll admit in advance that I've not followed up like I should have, but wanted to post my experience anyhow. My 2002 Ford Taurus was not doing well. If you put power steering fluid in, it would all be on the ground within 24 hours or less. I had no power steering regardless of whether or not I put any fluid in, so I actually stopped altogether as it was obviously just a waste of money. The fix is right at $1,000 despite the part being under $100. Crazy talk.

  • Brent Anderson - Perfect price, excellent product

    Rarely in life does one encounter a software product as moving as this. In the same way that the first viewers of the Mona Lisa must have wept at the serene beauty of da Vinci's most famous work, I too was profoundly moved by the ease and simplicity of H&R Block's tax software. Gone were the papercuts, the missing forms, the uncertainty that you actually did your taxes correctly. Gone was an expensive tax accountant, whom I would be paying simply to fill in bubbles and read my financial statements for me. Gone were the headaches, the issues, the discussions to understand mind-bending tax code. Even when I was uncertain about what the forms wanted, there was H&R Block's helpful assistance on the side - prompting me to click on the very questions I had in mind, and leading me to rather succinct and straightforward answers that would have otherwise rendered myself, a full grown man, to tears of of despair, searching for a way out from the deepest pits of all 16,875 pages of the US tax code. Indeed, this software was a boon, a revelation, and a vision; a shaft of light piercing the darkest, most complex portions of my meager partnership returns, and yielding illumination.