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  • http://ohmedgroup.com/articles/depression-and-low-testosterone/ Depression and Low Testosterone¬†- Optimal Health Medical Group - Research confirms the link between low or borderline-low testosterone and depression or sadness. Testosterone replacement therapy appears to be therapeutic.
  • http://ohmedgroup.com/articles/testosterone-levels-dont-matter/ Testosterone Levels Don't Matter - Optimal Health Medical Group - Your doctor, if he even bothers to measure your testosterone levels, might tell you if you're low or "normal." In truth, the number means very little.
  • http://ohmedgroup.com/articles/diabetes-and-testosterone-replacement/ Diabetes and Testosterone Replacement Therapy - Optimal Health Medical Group - People with type 2 diabetes often have low testosterone and this low testosterone puts them at an increased risk of death.

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    This stuff is AMAZING!! I have rosacea, and even with the thickest concealer and foundation, you can see the redness creeping through. I applied tiny amount of this ONLY on my redness and blended, did not HAVE to put foundation over it, and my face looked GREAT!!! This will be my go to from now on instead of foundation!! Perfect for someone who hates wearing makeup all the time!!


    I LOVE THIS FRENCH OVEN! Ok, first you can use it on the stove top to sear the meat, deglaze the pan with red wine, place the meat in the bottom of the pan, cover with potatos, some carrots, some favorite herbs and a little extra red wine. Place it in the oven at 375 degrees and when the potatoes are tender, you will have a tender and tasty pot roast. This pot is the secret. I cannot tell you how good it is too cook with this pot! It really does take a good heavy "Dutch" oven like this with a heavy tight fitting lid to make a good pot roast and this is just the item. It is also great with sauces on the stove top and the ability to hold a steady heat is invaluable. The Pot is heavy, it is expensive. It is also beautiful (I love the red) and it is durable. Short of dropping it on stone, it is tough to harm. Cookware like this is an investment in the future, you will never replace it, but you will add on to your collection.