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  • Johnny - Perfect

    I wear a size 9 and I bought a 43 regular. It fit perfectly. It is remarkably comfortable And cool even after longer rides. Would recommend and would buy again if my current pair gives out.

  • Happy coffee - A very good focus booster

    I have ordered this product twice. I found it worked quite well. I have been checking out focus formulas as I am writing a book and am looking for the proper combination to help me focus on my writing and stay focused. I felt that this product performed well. I typically take it first thing in the morning when I get to the office and in the mid afternoon to keep me focused through out the day. I am pleased with the results and would certainly order again.

  • Picky Guy - Job Well Done by Dinesh D'Souza

    Mr. Dinesh D'Souza exposes what has already become universal knowledge. The people who voted against Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 knew he was a Socialist then. But you take those same people, plus many more since 2008, and people have discovered that Barack Hussein Obama is much more than a Socialist; Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist. The movie is on par with former DOJ civil rights attorney, J. Christian Adams, and his book entitled, Injustice, with regards to the many questionable acts associated with Barack Hussein Obama. While viewing 2016, or even reading print exposing Barack Hussein Obama for what he really is, I stop and think how blessed we really are to have one of the many rights that grants us access to the very truths that help protect us as a nation. The 1st Amendment. 'Thank God the Fairness Doctrine was not enacted"

  • Melissa Dobson - Nice

    Well I would've given it a 5star rating but the handle is a bit hard to crank. I didnt have much on the spout for it to get stuck. But it does do the job. I've done sirloin steak in this thinly cut to use for hamburgers. They turned out awesome. It is a process to clean which I don't like. But I don't really like to clean anyway. It is sturdy for it to be plastic. I was really surprised.

  • Impulse Shopper - They are checkbook registers... what else do you want?

    Somethings just don't really need to be reviewed do they? I bought them. They work great, for those of us who still have a use for them. Nothing bad to say regarding these.

  • Freelaunce - Fundamentally important despite thematic splinters

    The toilet-seat shift from simple holes, to occasional porcelin and unfinished woods seats, to plastic of varying quality, and finally to honed and finished, shaped and modeled wood seats is a bellweather of social and economic changes in China. This is essential reading for anyone seaking to understand the bottom-line peculiarities of the world's fastest growing economy.

  • Idrow - Does not hold at all

    I've used this glue several times now and it has proved unreliable each time. I followed the instructions and let it sit for over 24 hours and the items came unglued within a day. I had to throw the rest of the bottle away because it was simply useless. I ended up buying a different glue that worked great.