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  • Andre Roxbury - Every young people today should have a copy before having sex

    I purchased these books for my oldest son to have in his household and I gave my copy to my youngest son to help him get rid of his pimples and start his journey into holistic health. The sexual disease section will scare the life out of you. I feel sorry for the things kids have to deal with these days. In my time you got two shots and you were cured; however, today it is for life or life and death.

  • David Feldman - Horrible

    I have been playing SimCity since the very first one in DOS. Some have been better than others, but this is the absolute worst game in the series. I would rather go back to the old DOS version than to play this game with the beautiful graphics.

  • Anne - Caused acne!!!

    Taking these vitamins made me break out more then usual and also made me very dehydrated, even though I started drinking more water the usual. I am not going to take them anymore and hopefully my skin will go back to normal soon!