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  • MN Tonester - P. T. Barnum

    Brilliant semantics cover to cover. For instance, instead of calling the taxation and onerous regulation of the job producers what it really is, she calls it "investing." I'm not quite sure if she completely spells out how closing down the businesses that provide jobs is an investment, but the foreign investors in the Clinton Foundation are sure to get a handsome return on their investment. I will admit to being a tad disappointed that she didn't reference her amazing ability to realize a gargantuan return on her cattle futures investment as proof of her amazing economic prowess; surely a means to spur the economy and put the 90,000,000 out of work people in this country back to work with 'living wages,' and lots of free stuff. Bernie Sanders can attest to the merits of a living wage gained through public service as seen in his real estate holdings. I also appreciated her get tough stand on our porous borders and the escalating threat of Islamic terror within our own country. I have complete confidence that she can take that 3:00AM call and do what's right to protect our nation - the smashing success of Benghazi come to mind. Although this book is largely (well, totally) preaching to the choir - those who would vote for her even if she robbed their grandmother, she does make a case for her election this year. Hillary for the White House - er, make that Big House.

  • smajjr - yuck

    Arrived DoS. Tried replacing battery, still sporatic with power. I've completed setup 3times and even motion doesn't bring it to life