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    This book is very helpful I have currently studying my Kaplan book and this book and both are great. Thus Cracking the PCAT i feel has much more useful tips. My test is schedule July 2013 so ill find out how much it really helped soon!

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    I bought the white and peacock blue case for my new phone. Having had it for about a month now, I'm generally very happy with it. It's definitely solid and effective protection from tumbles and drops. I'm pretty clumsy and tend to drop my phone a lot, so that's the most important thing to meā€”just last night I dropped it from a standing position and it landed on its face, and because of the case's slight lip around the front, the screen was saved from impact. I've dropped the phone on its back, side, corners, you name it, and the case has done its job.

  • Lauren R. - Great Anti-Virus

    Not nearly as intrusive as a lot of the other anti-virus software out=there. Half the price of a lot of others, yet better protections offered. I don't know why I haven't been buying Kaspersky all along!