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  • Vegas Ross - My favorite Tax software

    I've used others, but this is the best for the best price. I always get the Home Premium because I have a rental house and stocks. The software is very simple to just follow thru the screens answering all the questions on each subject. I cannot comment on the Business part of the software since I only bought this combo pack of Home Premium and Business this time since it was on sale cheaper than the Home Premium alone. But I can say the Home Premium is very in depth yet easy to use. I handles my stocks, my rental house, IRAs, bond sales, college deductions and everything else I can through at it from an American family.

  • Beth Finch - What's there is very good. I had hoped to find older movies as ...

    What's there is very good. I had hoped to find older movies as well as more recent ones, but they must delete older ones to make room for the newer.

  • Allen J. Schott - OK for home use

    The manual leaves out many diagrams that are found on the official manuals from the car makers. Several steps that others show aren't in the order of operations.

  • william Congreve - Buy the 2015 Edition Instead

    I'm also an attorney, and am VERY disappointed in Kaplan's 2016-2017 edition. In order to do well on the LSAT (and the Bar exam too) one has to practice and drill with similar questions. Instead, this edition wastes most of its 933 pages on explaining the various types of questions which may be offered on the exam. In brief, it's big on theory, and short on practice exams one can actually challenge and time oneself with. (There is only 1 practice exam, and one must register on-line in order to take it.) It does offer "Question Pools" in each of the LSAT sections, which is nice, but those do not allow one to simulate the actual test under timed conditions.