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  • Red Rover - Plan on buying again!

    Sixty cards (+Medallion, I got Kylo Ren's shuttle silver one) comes at a great price of 16.00 (give or take!) I buy 16 cards (or more, depending) every two weeks and they costs ~4.48, after 3 card packs+tax, it's at a higher price than what I paid for 60!

  • Shayne West - Connects easily and is surprisingly comfortable and has a good range ...

    I'm giving this and honest 3 stars, but don't take that as you shouldn't buy this product, some folks think that anything less than a 4-5 star is jot a worthy product. I received the product fairly quickly. Connects easily and is surprisingly comfortable and has a good range from what ever device it's connected to. Only thing is the volume could be a bit louder, sound quality is good on both ends but maybe my hearing isn't as good as it used to be. I jus wish it were a bit louder. Other than that it's a great product for the price you really can't beat it. I really like the feature it has when someone is calling you it tells you the number that's incoming so you can leave your phone in your pocket. Very cool, maybe they all do that and I'm jus out of touch with tech but I was impressed when I noticed that.

  • AnnaLee - It's fantastic!!

    It's a miracle one!!! I had one from Japan, much larger bottle, but thinner, liquidy texture and way more expensive. This peel leaves skin glowing, gives deep clean feeling! It has a tiny bit of a sour smell, but it's ok as it is not staying anywhere near once you wash off.