NAMI Northside Atlanta - NAMI Northside Atlanta is a grassroots, self-help, support, education and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the lives of all those affected by

  • Ending the Silence | Nami Northside Atlanta - Ending the Silence - an in-school presentation about mental health designed for high school students
  • NAMI on Campus | Nami Northside Atlanta - NAMI on Campus - More than 80 percent of college students felt overwhelmed in the past year and 45 percent have felt things were hopeless
  • Mental Illness Support Groups - NAMI Northside Atlanta | Nami Northside Atlanta - NAMI Northside Atlanta support groups - Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Buckhead. Groups meet on a regular basis.
  • NAMI Northside Atlanta Educational Programs for Mental Illness | Nami Northside Atlanta - NAMI Northside Atlanta offers several educational programs serving different individuals and their mental illness needs. NAMI Family-to-Family is a free, 12
  • Advocacy for People with Mental Illness - NAMI Northside Atlanta | Nami Northside Atlanta - NAMI Northside Atlanta's mission is to eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness and to promote research into the causes of and treatments for mental
  • Crisis Intervention for Mental Illness Atlanta - NAMI Northside Atlanta | Nami Northside Atlanta - Mental health crisis intervention help, contact information, and signs to look for . How to obtain a court order, psychiatric evaluation and psychiatric
  • Resources for Mental Illness - Crisis Intervention - NAMI Northside Atlanta | Nami Northside Atlanta - Resources for mental illness including crisis intervention, mental health hospitals and services, crisis stabilization, support, help and advice, rehabilitation
  • Fundraising Walks - NAMI Northside Atlanta - National Alliance on Mental Illness | Nami Northside Atlanta - NAMIWalks - Each year, thousands of concerned citizens across the nation walk together to raise money and awareness about for a world-class treatment and
  • The NSider - National Alliance on Mental Illness Northside Atlanta Newsletter | Nami Northside Atlanta - The Nsider Newsletter provides valuable information on mental illness, well being, groups, research, tips and support.
  • Say It Out Loud | Nami Northside Atlanta - One in five teens lives with a mental health condition and yet more than half are not getting the help they need
  • Donate to NAMI Northside at AmazonSmile | Nami Northside Atlanta - Donate to NAMI Northside at AmazonSmile - 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases - at no cost to you
  • Donate to NAMI Northside Atlanta | Nami Northside Atlanta - NAMI Northside Atlanta is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all those affected by serious mental illness

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  • Patricia L. Flynn - Great guide

    Extremely comprehensive guide to all of Italy. Frommer always has loads of current, useful information as times and prices for attractions. My only complaint is the weight of the book. It is too heavy to consider packing for the trip.

  • Home Schooling Grandma from SEMO - Risky Product??????

    Prime is an excellent product but I recommend being very careful not to overdose. It says that you can use 5 times the amount if you have high ammonia and/or nitrite. I called the Saechem company to get some advice on my 55 gallon freshwater tank. I was having high nitrite levels and was worried about my fish. I was told by a representative of the company that I could add the large amount of Prime (the 5 times the usual dose) no more than every 48 hours. They also recommended my not doing the water changes unless I felt I really needed too. Although I disagreed with the representative about the water changes (I was doing a 50% water change daily because of high nitrite level) I went ahead and took the advice and did exactly what I was told. That is when I began losing fish. I had several deaths which happened after I added the big doses of Prime. Makes me wonder if the large doses of Prime could be toxic to some fish. I was careful to only add the exact amounts just as the representative advised and not to do a water change. Even with the elevated nitrite levels as long as I was doing a daily 50% water change my fish ate good and acted normally and I had NO deaths. It wasn't until after I stopped doing the daily water changes and added the huge dose of Prime that my fish started dying. I do like this product for making tap water safe with water changes but I will never add the huge doses to my tank again. It's just too risky in my opinion.

  • 2kCougarLady - Keeps them away!

    We have large, nasty spiders that build large, sticky, dense webs all over our property. I can't stand spiders and I've used everything from the local home improvement stores. This is the first product that has kept them away. The sprayer doesn't spray that far. I wish it was a little more powerful so I wouldn't have to get so close to where they live.

  • Amazon Customer - ... for over 3 months now and have been very pleased with the results

    I have been a daily user of the product for over 3 months now and have been very pleased with the results. I would recommend this product for any person with sinus problems or anyone who would just want clearer sinuses and better nasal hygiene.

  • jeanine dowling - It is very nice to have this protable charger, especially during power outages!

    I've had this portable charger for over 6 months. It is very nice to have around, especially during power outages, it gives me peace of mind.

  • PJDour - NRS Pilot Knofe

    Recently bought the NRS pilot knife for a week long kayak camping trip. I like the secure attachment to my PFD, but the nicest feature was the quick and sure release. It's somewhat "spring loaded" using the clips that secure it to the sheath. The blunt/flat point ensures no accidental punctures, and the formed semi-circle cutter makes fast cutting of ropes a snap. The quick release mechanism also locks the knife back in with a snap - if it does not snap, it's not in. Again, something almost foolproof, which is nice if you are reacting to an issue on the water. Great overall blade. I also ordered the Gerber Rivermate at the same time, as I have beena Gerber fan fr 40+ years, but the NRS Pilot wins my vote as the knife to carry on the water.