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  • shell - It made it easier for me to capture every precious moments with me and my loved ones. Pros - Quality was great

    i got used to taking videos and pictures with my family most of the time because when I was a child, my father did the same for us and I probably just adopted what he has been doing for us. And we all know memories will never be replaced by anything. I would say that this product works as expected. It made it easier for me to capture every precious moments with me and my loved ones.

  • Imagine - Thought Ouija Was A Joke & Ouija Made Me Think AGAIN!!!!

    I recently purchased this Ouija board after chatting it up with my boyfriend about how scary a Ouija Board would be to use on Holloween. Obviously I was making sarcastic remarks and was not serious about it becauase I thought Ouija was all nothing but a bunch of hog wash.

  • Gary Holloway - Awesome design and fits phone perfectly

    Awesome design and fits phone perfectly. Smart of them to add the ear hole. Definitely better than all the other similar models on Amazon.

  • MontanaClan - It really is pretty amazing stuff.

    I had a marine mechanic turn me on to this stuff a few years ago. I'd periodically put a can in the tank of our cars, but it was hard to tell any major difference when we weren't having a big problem to begin with. I use it as a general fuel stabilizer for our small engine stuff at home - mower, trimmer, blower, etc. I became sold on it this spring when I was having a heck of a time getting the string trimmer to run smoothly - was just very rough and took forever to warm up to a smooth idle. Even then, it was a roll of the dice whether I could go to full throttle. All of which made grass trimming a pain in hinder - particularly because the trimmer was only a couple years old. Last week, I got the trimmer running and took off the air filter cover and the filter itself. I poured a bit of Sea Foam into the intake and let it sit for about 5 minutes after it stalled out. Started it back up and after 30-60 seconds of smoking off the Sea Foam, it went to a smooth idle and happily went back to full throttle. Really a remarkable change when I had been messing with the trimmer for a couple weeks. Stiil running well now about 3 weeks after the treatment. Really impressive

  • Shawnabiggio - Good printer for the price!

    As others reviews stated, the instructions are totally useless! You will need to have an average amount of computer and printer installation knowledge to get it going. If you don't, make sure you have somebody around who does! Once you get it going, it works like a charm! I had to do some tweaking to get it working with my point of sale system (it's a generic no name printer so I wasn't able to select the brand in their settings). Through some trial and error, it's works just as well as any other thermal receipt printer for far less money!!!