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    I am a 20 year old female and this was absolutely the biggest disappointment for me. I always ate healthy and exercised daily before trying this product. I followed the guidelines step by step and gained weight and inches on this challenge. I felt terrible, my face severely broke out and waking up with a headache was the normal for me during these 24 days. This product is great for someone who never ate healthy before and doesn't know the true meaning of a "balanced diet". The vitamins are full of chemicals and caffeine and I couldn't pronounce half off the ingredients in any of the products. I really do not recommend this product to anyone who is healthy and wants to just lose a few pounds. Get a nutritionist and a personal trainer and live life the healthy way not the toxic way.

  • Sadgrad - Worked instantly for me.

    Worked instantly for me. I took two the first day I received them like the instructions say and since then have only had to take one a day. Before these arrived I had the urge to go to the bathroom all day long, like when you have a UTI or bladder infection, but I had neither. Since then my urge to use the bathroom has been almost nonexistent. It's been a couple of months and I haven't been brave enough to stop them completely for a day or two to see if the urges come back. I figure they're good for me anyway, so I'll keep taking them. Again, SO happy I found out about these and SO happy they work so well for me.

  • Calop - Oh Yea, XBox One

    This is the cat's meow. No regrets. Voice commands, motion command, or punch buttons. Blu-Ray, It's fun and it's great. Gives you different ways to watch TV and play games or movies at the same time. That's cool on a 60" screen. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. I'm 69 years old and having a ball. Too bad the price is so high though.


    At first I thought they were original but after a while I went to a local Rayban store with a friend and after checking in a UV tester machine and they told my glasses did not have any sun protection at all, and that they were fake because de code that is written in the side has nothing to do with a 3025 glasses. Also the glass is darker than in seems in the picture, they send me a 58 mm when I ordered a 55 mm and last but not least after a month of using it, the inner part of the glass wich softenns the nose broke!! THE PRODUCT IS ABSOLUTELLY TERRIBLE!!!

  • Laurinda - Did its job

    it fit perfectly in my 2001 ford ranger. the installation was pretty easy to figure out, the pocket is good for putting gum and other crap. No disappointments here

  • C. Mathews - Wonderful product

    I like how this product makes my hair feel--soft and shiny. It doesn't make my hair stiff like hair spray but gives definition and body. Just a little bit is all I use daily and I can "reactivate" it during the day with damp fingers. Great product and found it here for a great price.