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  • Jin Wen Hui - Great product! Cleans well.

    My cleaning lady uses this to clean our hardwood floor. From what I can tell, it works great! The floor is clean and shinny. We have a spray bottle at home, so I just buy the refill. Our house is 4,800 sq feet, almost all hardwood floor except for one office. One 22 fl oz bottle can last about 1.5 cleaning, so this 1 gallon bottle should do about 8 times of cleaning. That only cost around 2 dollar fifty cents of Bona each cleaning. Great deal for a good cleaning agent.

  • M. Gustafson - Bridgestone 330 RX Rules

    I'm pretty picky about my golf balls. I succumbed recently to the Bridgestone commercials that talk about the RX being designed for the amateur swing speed of less than 105 mph and they are indeed true as I'm getting another 15-20 off the T and getting better scores cuz I'm 100-150 to the green instead of being out into the 3-6 iron range. And when I'm hittin my 6 or my 5, I would have been hitting 3 or my 4 so the benefits cascade all the way down the line. Haven't tried the RXS higher spin balls yet, but looking forward to them, but my hunch is I'll be happier with the distance over the spin performance. I should mention that the RX balls are soft and have a great feel anyway. I can't imagine how much better the RX S balls will be feel-wise. Bridgestone is there! You won't be sorry.

  • aimnron - It helps, if you work!

    This is not going to work if you don't, you do have to commit. I was already on a program and had reached a plateau I could not get past. I tried everything from lowering my carbs, increasing my cardio, but nothing worked. I tried the drops as a last resort, but I wish I would have tried them sooner! I have been taking them for almost 3 weeks now and have gotten past my plateau and lost 12 more pounds. I am working out and eating basically, the HCG diet plan. These drops are great! I wish I would have found them sooner, I will definitely buy again!

  • Jennifer Hiles - Haven't seen much difference yet but I will keep using and let you know.

    I've been using this product faithfully for 11 days and I haven't noticed much of a difference. It says to put it right above you eyelashes, after washing your face at night. I followed the directions. On the plus side, I didn't lose any eyelashes like one reviewer did. But I also didn't notice any growth or thickening. Maybe I need to use it a little longer. If I see more results, I will update my review. Be careful putting it on, though, it will sting a little if you get it in your eyes, at least it did for me. Beauty products work differently for everyone. I see many reviews had excellent results so I will keep trying. I am a fan of Argan oil so I feel like I am doing something good for my poor little lashes.

  • Robin - I am very happy to have a book guide me through in this

    This book is quite short and yet very detailed and instructional. It actually contains all the necessary meditation techniques i would be needing. It also gave me hint on how to start meditating too. I am very happy to have a book guide me through in this. It is really awesome.

  • Jared Bertoli - Brake pedal doesn't fit SRT8 charger

    Brake pedal did not fit 2009 SRT8 charger. I tried soap and water, heat gun, everything. Its too small. Please let me know if you have one that will work!