MMS-messages-delivered-Asheville-North-Carolina - Mail Management Services a leader in mailing services in Western North Carolina services include design, print, data and mail management, We are experts at getting any messages delivered, efficiently and creatively. We now offer our clients creative solutions for any message.

  • MMS-design-services - Design is the strategic approach we use to help craft  messages to your expectations.
  • MMS-print-services - MMS combines traditional print expertise with dynamic personalized new technologies to help you print  your message better.
  • MMS-mail-services - Mail is what we know and your message and bottom line benefit from our knowledge, experience and dedication to all things mail.
  • MMS-about - Beginning in 1998 under the name Mail Management Services, LLC we quickly became the leader in mailing services in Western North Carolina.
  • MMS-team - Our employees really do care what kind of product they are putting out for the customer.

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    I have been a jawbone fan for many years. When i first opened the package it reminded me of a hearing aid. I decided to give it a try and from the first 5 minutes I was hooked. The sound quality is excellent and I am able to have two phones connected at the same time. I am not sure you understand what that means.. That means I can get an alert from my iphone while I am on a call with my blackberry at the same time. Sure my jawbone was able to pair with two phones at the same time, but it used to fight over which phone was the primary.

  • Amazon Premier Reader - Actually the sellers are selling the 2014 version like 2015!! Read carefully!

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