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  • Patricia A. Fashano - The best patio stone cleaner!

    This is an amazing product. I have light multi colored stone on my patio which is into it's third season. It was dark and had embedded mold spots. I cleaned it with a Scott product which was not very good with removing the mold. The installer of the patio wanted to power wash and then refill the sand which was costly. I went online and discover wet and forget and it is the best. You mix it in a garden sprayer, four to one. Just spray and the rain does the rest. All the mold spots are gone and I love my beautiful stone once again.

  • Mickey - surprising, thoughtful, entertaining!

    I really enjoyed this novel... actually, way more than I thought I would. The concept is not one I've read before, and the encounter is very surprising in its subtlety and transitions as the characters build their roles. I highly recommend this to anyone who has considered what contact would be like, and where it might take us.

  • Madeline M. - DO NOT BUY THIS SCANNER!

    I am writing this review to inform of my poor experience with the Neatworks desk scanner and with the Neat Company customer service and tech support departments. I sent this same review to the Neat Company today as a letter to their executive office. This poor experience resulted in my calling today to return the scanner and I will be looking into purchasing a Canon or Fujitsu scanner for my home office/ home business needs.

  • Amazon Customer - Description is misleading

    The description says for 1-2 years. However when I received it, the package stated for 2-4 yrs. It was far too big for my child. The costume did look very cute. Too bad we were not able to use it.

  • Bobbe Anderson - Love It!

    Ok, I bought this not realizing how wonderful it could be. My motivation for getting it was to cut back on all the plastic bottles of soda water I'd purchase, use once and recycle. Didn't sit well with my eath loving sensibilities. What I've come to love is the tasty fruit sodas that I've been able to create. I make a a simple syrup with sugar, fruit juice and a bit of water, and then add a few tablespoons to the sodastream carbonated water and it's super yummy. There no horrible chemicals like in the commercial products, my kids aren't "depriived" any more, and no massive amout of plastic bottles to recycle. This is a purchase that I feel I've gotten my money's worth for sure.

  • Stephen stanley - Honest review - i paid for mine 6/19/16

    Been taking these twice a day 2-3 in the morning and night and have been going regularly now each day. In the past i had difficutly going once or twice a week due to my diet and exercise routing i guess. When you eat a lot of bad food it goes through you like nothing but my theory is when you eat healthy food (salad, fruit/vegatables, chicken) it may tend to bind and get stuck (just my theory) and exercise may be part of the issue too.