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  • EddieP - Nice bag

    Exactly as described, lightweight and easy to organize.Good quality bag. Shipped on time and packaged well. Cooler is handy and lots of pockets to utilize

  • Neoterra - Overall a fantastic adapter in landscape

    Worked well with my triple monitor mount. Was a little concerned with the small washer bolt and screw for the monitor attachment. It held well as long as I don't have the screams in portrait, so doubled it up with some of my own.

  • R. Stauffer - Fantastic Book

    As a 20 year old Harry Potter fanatic (and I say that proudly), I have to say this is an excellent book. Many people have commented on the lack of pictures and to that I say, from a fan's point of view, I was not at all disappointed by this. Fans of Harry Potter don't want authentic looking books with plain pictures in them, we want moving photos to look at. Due to the fact that Ms. Bucholz is not a witch, we can all understand why this was not feasible. Also, I do respect that some of the Brits who have written reviews were a bit irritated to find that many of the recipes that were supposed to be magical for them were rather ordinary (such as the steak and kidney pie). However, for many of us Americans, these are not regular dishes and while we may not wake up in the morning thinking "I want some authentic British steak and kidney pie", we might wake up and decide, "I want to scarf down some Steak and Kidney pie like Ron Weasley". I loved the way the recipes were anchored in when they were mentioned in the books. I also loved some of the creative liberties the author took in deciding certain recipes for foods not explicitly explained in the book, such as the four scrumptious cakes Harry received for his birthday. This book was a fun read, looks great on your cookbook shelf OR your Harry Potter fan shelf (I know I have one), and I'd recommend it to everyone who has a little magic in them.

  • Asuka - The perfect gift.

    I gave this as a gift and I almost kept it for myself. :) Its not really a good travel book because it's a rather large hardcover showcasing a lot of the amazing photography from those locations, but it has the standard Lonely Planet tips on how to make the most of your vacation. I really like it and recommend it as a good gift idea for those tough ones like weddings of acquaintances and Father's Day.

  • David Major - Love My Database

    I have been using Microsoft Access in all it's forms since Windows 3.1, probably 20 years or more. It is a wonderful database for creating applications, even if you don't know "Visual Basic", and even easier if you do. (I don't, but have a friend who does that I can call on when I need help or advice.) Anyway, Access has continued to get better and better through the years, and the current version is excellent. Make sure to populate your Quick Access Toolbar with the tools you use frequently, so you don't have to switch from tab to tab on the ribbon. I have used this version only for a couple of weeks, and if I run into problems after the new version smell wears off I will revise my rating.

  • Peter A. Labrozzi - Wouldn't tighten, extremely poor quality.

    Ordered one of these from Amazon NOW because I occasionally need to fix something with a socket wrench around my apartment and didn't have a set. I went on the cheap side with these as the times I need them are not very frequent, but I regretted my decision as soon as I received this set.