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  • feye - Life Cell

    I have used this product exactly by instruction. I see not one significant change in my skin. I am a realistic person. I know there is no cure all. But nothing! That is allot of money for nothing. It is my fault for believing. My bad . Please do not buy this product. Big rip off.

  • Melissa Casey - What a difference ....

    My husband makes me smoothies each morning for breakfast. He had been using a good quality blender that worked fine however was loud and took a good while to thoroughly blend the ingredients. We thought we'd give this a try. We will never use a regular blender again. We immediately dropped ours off at Good Will. This is so much easier. It is a little loud, but it is done in less than half of the time so the noise doesn't seem to matter. I read in a previous review that the smaller canisters (individual sized) do not work well, but we disagree. That size works great you just need to be sure you have the liquid to the liquid line -- less doesn't seem to work as well. The chopper seems fine too although it's not why we bought it. The only negative I would say is the base is bigger and bulkier than the normal blender, but we've decided it's worth the extra room on our counter top. Hope this is helpful

  • Amazon Customer - Worked on both my cars

    I have a 96 Previa with 215000 miles which was taking forever to start and spewing fresh coolant out the exhaust pipe onto the ground. I never thought a blown head gasket would happen to me but there it was. I decided to roll the dice and see if this stuff would fix it. Well, it certainly did, starts right up now, no coolant loss, more power. Although it did cause my thermostat to stick and overheat a couple times, seems it cleared out and didn't happen again. It's been holding for over a month now. Also, my 2001 Civic was having all the symptoms of blown head gasket, wow both my cars with blown gaskets. It also has close to 215000 miles. Seems head gaskets give way about the 200000 mile mark. Well, it worked for the Previa, so I tried it again. Yep, next day, temp is constant, smooth idle, coolant staying in radiator, used half a bottle this time, seems if you use too much it will clog up your system. Also I had removed my thermostat which I also recommend so you don't clog it and overheat again.

  • W Kruz - If you're looking for a case with a good tacky grip & slim then you need to consider ...

    Item arrived late as it was posted on delivery date. If you're looking for a case with a good tacky grip & slim then you need to consider another item. The red lining color on the edge is at the back(sometimes confusing that it is in the front while looking at the picture), it doesn't look so attractive & neat on the actual case than in the picture.