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City: -111.899 Arizona, United States

  • M. Bradley - Very Very Pleased

    I am very pleased with this machine. I only wish they included better assembly instructions. All they gave me was an exploded view diagram, which is OK since I'm mechanically inclined. I did have to use the hypothetico-deductive method to figure out which bolts and washers were being identified by the various diagram codes(C1,B2,etc..). I created a very organized bolt-label system before I picked up a wrench.

  • Lynette R. Fleming - Diet not so good? Over-The-Counter Natural Cures to the rescue!

    Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, the wife of an Illinois pharmacist, my neighbor ... can you guess what they all have in common? A tragedy due to prescription medications ... some because of their misuse and others because of ignorance and insufficient testing by the FDA, like my brilliant neighbor who was born with no fingers and legs which did not grow due to a medication administered to his pregnant mother for morning sickness. Today's health solutions may be tomorrow's tragedies, and the only ones who can stop these tragedies from occurring are each of us. You might say, "we aren't doctors ... what can we do?"

  • Sharpie - More Caffeine than 7 Cans of Coke! STAY AWAY!

    The reason this gives you energy is because it has more caffeine in the suggested 3 pills per day than 7 cans of Coke. Please take a multi vitamin instead of this mess that costs $35 for a months supply. You will get addicted to the caffeine and t can cause blood pressure issues. Please STAY AWAY from this product!