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  • BramblePie22 - DSC: Wonderful but pricey (If buying "local")

    I have used various Dead Sea products (Milk & Honey scrub, facial peel,cleanser,and moisturizer) they all work very well. The only downside is the price if you are buying them from one of the stands in your local mall. Amazon has the best price on them by far. The price I paid total was 152 dollars and change. That is very steep price $49 per item plus tax. The only saving grace I can see is the fact these products will last a few months even with regular use. In closing to my ramble, DSC is a well made product,just be sure to shop around for the best possible price.

  • Mark Twain - Expensive, too many tiny pieces to assemble and not very bright

    Ridiculously hard to put together, sat in a corner for a month as I mustered the gumption to tackle a 4 hour job.

  • Kim McCartan - Need a boost for appetite control? Try Garcinia Cambogia. It's working for me!

    Taking Garcinia Cambogia supplements has already curbed my appetite. I'm more conscious of what I'm eating now - and needed a boost for healthier eating choices. I seem to have more energy as well. Thank you for sending me the order so quickly.

  • ronessha butler - works fast and last

    I got LivRelief Ultra Strength Natural Pain Relief Cream and could hardly wait to try it. I have problems with my lower back and knees and with this weather we have been having, I have been having more pain than I would like to have. I noticed right away that it did not have you typical menthol smell that most pain creams have. I like that it did not have the menthol smell because then it didn't interfere with my perfume and I could wear it anytime during the day and not just at night and nobody would know that I was wearing it. There is also nor greasy feeling after the cream is applied. This natural pain relief cream has powerful natural anti-inflammatory molecules and rich antioxidants. After I rubbed it in, I noticed in about 15 minutes that this was going to work wonder for me because it was working already. My back was feeling so much better. With other brands, I don't start to get any relief for at least an hour. I kid you not, this started working in 15 minutes. This is the best pain relief cream I have ever had. This cream has a money back guarantee if you are not 100 % satisfied. This cream is a great product. Receive this product for my honest review from pinchme # gotitfree

  • Craig T. Trebilcock - Will not import prior Quicken data

    AFTER you buy the product it then informs you during installation that you can't import your Quicken data from prior versions, and offers you the opportunity to buy the more expensive version that will do so. Really? Kinda' reflects a disdain for your customers Intuit. I had held off updating my older Quicken for a few years because of continuous bad reviews online by customers about Intuit service, but since i liked my Quicken product so much, I just shrugged of the online comments as to the usual online folks who are never happy with anything. Silly me. They were right. This is corporate arrogance and 'bait and switch tactics' at their worst. Hey Intuit - it's OK if your product won't import earlier versions - just state it prominently on the box or your ads so consumers can make an informed choice before they buy and waste a lot of time loading a product that won't meet their needs. You aren't going to keep a customer base by acting like used car salesmen and trying to sell your customers up on more expensive 'options' after the fact.

  • Alyne - Outstanding Book!!!

    What a great story! This is the 5th book by this author I've had the good fortune to read and I just had to write how much I've enjoyed it! It is truly a book with suspense and unsuspected twists on every page and I couldn't put it down until I finished it! Mark Edwards has quickly become one of my favorite authors and I'm going to Kindle on Amazon right now to download more of his books!