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  • Veritas Luke - Excellent Cheap Set

    This set of wrenches is perfectly acceptable for me. They fit snugly are don't bend or deform easily. I bought another set for my dad after the one I got for myself because he didn't have an organized set of wrenches all in one place. Also, the pouch these come in is cloth and won't get hard and brittle like a plastic pouch.

  • Kindercare - Outstanding Buy

    I was impressed with the quality of the videos this thing records. It can also record audio. It's like watching a race car movie in first person and captures all video on high definition. Watch out how you drive, this thing might make you second-guess your driving habits. I may end up purchasing another for my wife's vehicle. It will save any recordings if there is an impact so this may remove any questions if an accident occurs as long has it wasn't your fault. Don't self-incriminate.

  • CT2012 - missing an entire section of organic chem!

    this book is missing an entire section of organic chem! it has 1 chap of organic chem, and that chapter doesn't even cover any nomenclature or reaction mechanisms this book is horrible dont waste your money

  • P. Grange - I completely disagree

    I love Zap Restorer. I've been nursing along my last spray bottleful for a long time. It finally ran out. I've been looking all over for it. Can't find it anymore in retail stores, so had to go online. It actually works on fiberglass shower stalls with stains that nothing else will touch. Yes, you do have to scrub. But with the kinds of stains that can occur on the floors of those older stalls, trust me, nothing would "spray & wipe" them away. Zap restorer is great!

  • Angie - I only went to buy lightbulbs...

    I went to the local hardware store recently to pick up a package of light bulbs. Virtually every trip I would always take a moment to lust over their Le Creuset collection. Well this trip caught me a little off guard...most of their product line was 20% off (I guess they were going to discontinue selling it). After a quick phone call to the future husband, he gave me the positive reinforcement to go a little crazy (he knew how long I had been lusting). So I got the 6" in frying pan and the 3.5, 4.5, and 5.5 quart dutch ovens (not to mention the light bubs). I had already had the large frying pan and used it often, and now I can make eggs at the same time as pancakes. The dutch ovens have been fantastic. They are not as heavy as I thought they would be (that being said they are not light). I find I use substantially less oil with these items versus my stainless ones. This 5.5 quart size is perfect for making solid size stews and roasts. It transitions perfectly between cook top braising and oven cooking. And these are all so much easier to cleanup! And the red color is beautiful! What took me so long?

  • HockeyGuy21 - Great Intake at Great Price

    Very easy assembly and installation, very well made. Already have noticed 1-2 mpg increase (still with a conservative foot). Noticed more power and get-up-and-go. Engine breathes much better, you can hear this intake suck air in when you stomp on the gas. The exhaust sound remains quiet, until you step on the gas. Overall, very happy and would recommend to anyone.

  • Jeffrey M - Although I Did Not Purchase This Thru Amazon Rather Thru ...

    Although I Did Not Purchase This Thru Amazon Rather Thru First Choice. It Definitely Helped When Working The First Unit Died Within 4 Months Of Purchase, Replacement Was Sent Shortly After, And It Died Within 60 Days Of Receiving It. Now In The Process Of Trying To Get My Money Refunded