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  • Amazon Customer - The Plantronics model that made me decide not to purchase from them anymore

    This is my second Voyager Legend headset. I'd had good experiences with my previous Plantronics headsets. The Voyager legend however is a piece of garbage.

  • Ebco - Warning label does not advise of discoloration

    I purchased this from a drugstore without reading any reviews because I thought that it was a simple fix to a simple issue. I wear heels daily and developed calluses on the outside of my big toes and pinky toes. After using the discs in all 4 areas for 2 days, I removed them and found that the calluses as well as the area all around them were white. I assumed that it was a part of the process, but before putting on new discs, I checked other sites and found that the discoloration is common and for those with pigmented skin it could be permanent. While the callus may come off, the patch does shift a little while being worn, which turns more than just the bad area white. Fortunately, I found this out before extensive use, but even after 48 hours, there is damage that I'm uncertain can be undone.

  • melloui - Reynolds has added a great aid for cooking!

    This is a product I use almost daily. A small piece of this foil placed upon a steak plate is the exact size for baking two servings of fish or meat. Toast is also easily prepared on this nonstick foil. Vegetables can be sauteed using this method. Order this from Amazon, as it is not always available in other stores.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect mouse

    Perfect mouse for long gaming hours. Comfy, hand doesn't get sweaty like with steelseries sensei. And your hand wont hurt after long and intense gaming sessions. I can't even say it's a best bang for your bucks its the best mouse in general. Very satisfied.

  • al-Halabi - Learn to haggle westerners.

    It's a pretty good product but you people apparently don't know how to haggle. I got the entire set like 10 different items for under $100 in the mall kiosk. How? Haggling. I'm from Jerusalem so they know it when I go to them, they know not to try and bs me. the says ohhhh its 129 but 80 for you and say 25 which he laughs at but doesn't end it there. He insists 80 but I say 35 he says hes my friend blah blah blah I say were from the same place blah blah blah. He says you know what? I like you 50 so I say 25. He tells me the computer wont allow 25. We settle on 3 of the socalled "$130 items" + soap for a grand total of $50. Then I go to the other kiosk (my locl mall has 3 because americans don't know how to haggle) and do the same for the complete set.

  • commorancy - Fountain Jet does what it says with a few cons.

    I've had my Soda Club (now Sodastream) for several years (since 2007). I ordered it from Soda Club directly as they were having some kind of deal at the time and came with two CO2 cannisters, four bottles and some sample packs.