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  • Frank Lotion - Best of luck to you guys

    Not sure if this was solely the reasons why I passed as I incorporated other methods into detoxing my hair. I'm an infrequent user probably having smoked about 10-15 times in a 90 day window. I split the treatments up over 2 days, the day before my test and the day of. I also used the macujo method as well so I wouldn't solely rely on this as the only way to pass. Best of luck to you guys.

  • THOMAS TITOLO - Very efective at stopping any intruder.

    Best on the market. Have hot had any virus break the Operating System. Gives notice of pending virus at any website ad and text.

  • V. Toniolo - Poorly referenced and full of pseudoscience

    While I fully agree with Donna Gates' basic premise that candida overgrowth can only be overcome by restoring the body's internal ecosystem (i.e., microbiome), I found this book to be nearly unreadable and abysmally referenced. Gates uses a lot of pseudoscientific ideas and a dearth of peer-reviewed work to support her claims (the bibliography contains nary a scientific paper). There is now a very strong body of scientific evidence on the role of the gut microbiome in regulating immunity, mental health, hormones, and general wellbeing, but absolutely nothing to indicate that food combining, colon hydrotherapy, acid/alkaline diets, blood type diets, and the like have any significant effect on human health. I suspect that people who do improve on the BED, as I am sure many do, do so primarily because they are avoiding junk and processed food, eliminating gluten grains, restoring their gut flora, and avoiding sugars, not because they are combining food in certain ways or eating according to their blood type.

  • Colby E. Sanborn - Superior product .......

    Read negative reviews about needing fasteners you needed to order separate......I fail to see anything extra being needed. Installed in a quick 5 minutes a side with NO issues whatsoever with included screws. Very impressed by quality and again everything included to do it quick and painlessly!

  • DoctorBob - Sociopath of the day...

    A day in the life of a sociopath. Well written and well acted. It shows how difficult life can be for people wedded to the culture of poverty. You can't help but feel for them. Psychologically crippled toxic family relations and the tragedy of outstanding minds raised in chaos.

  • Chirstina00 - The perfect cup!

    I have wanted one of these cups since I first saw them so when I saw I could get a discount one for my review, I ordered it right away! So the ice does melt in the cup, but my drink stayed cold for at least 6 hours in various temperatures and environments. It was still cold on the last drink so I would have stayed cold longer I'm sure! I am ordering another for my coffee as I'm sure it will stay hot all day or until I finish it all. Great cup!! Live the 2 lids and straw!!

  • mary P Ganley - Very difficult !!!!!!!!

    Very difficult, I completed the 10 day's only losing 3lbs. The diet was not very realistic for anyone living a normal life.