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  • MorrisKen - Great 2 in 1 product

    This is a great product and NOW is a good company too. It is also great for weight loss too. I could tell a big difference after the first week so I added it to my Amazon Prime Pantry Subscription so I never worry about running out.

  • On-line Shopper - Yumm ... need I say more?

    This machine works as advertised. It's light weight, easy to pull out of the cupboard, quick clean up and easy to store back in the cupboard. The papers that come with it even mention to peal the bananas before freezing ... logical, yes, but when I ordered it, I hadn't read the materials and was so looking forward to getting the unit that I just threw some bananas in the freezer without thinking to peel them first - can't peal a frozen banana ... oops. The other trick is to take the banana out of the freezer about 5-10 minutes before you want to make the yonana because it's too frozen and turns more into shaved ice. The results are creamy and taste wonderful. It comes with a colorful recipe book, lots of yummy ideas. I bought one unit for my niece and one for myself for Christmas, and use it every week, often several times in a week. It's quick and easy cleanup, and a guilt free dessert.