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  • David George - Tips and #%@@e&8!

    I can't add much more than what has been written about the product before. I agree with those comments. My review here would be more as to tips and warnings. First of all, if you are new to doing this type or make over and intimidated at all (yes we all are looking at the great expanse of counter top) follow the instructions to the letter, read over several times, watch the videos, both the one that come with the kit as well as those on you tube. Don't be held to the colors in the kit, the paint is latex polymer and available everywhere. If you want to add a another color, do it. Experiment and experience is good here but too much experimenting and you will run out of enough paint to do your job. The back splash is the hardest to get right. Added detail is required here as in most cases it's hard to reach and get the paint on in a manner that matches your flat surfaces. Watch for runs and smears that look funny. Go on line and find a photo of granite slab that is close to what you want to see or buy a tile from your local supplies. On glitter, available at Hobby Lobby and other places. If you sprinkle the glitter on during the painting process, the majority of it will be sanded off during that stage. Apply the glitter at the time you apply the first coat of poly sealer. I used a third coat of sealer on the high traffic areas and those that get water splashes. If you don't like the finished result don't be afraid to sand it down well and start over. Additional paint may be needed for the job. Take a dab od paint color or the inside of the lid to your paint supplier and by a half pint or so. Don't be held to just sponges and paint brushes in applying your paint. Be creative, a crumbled up paper bag or plastic bag works for some looks as does a feather or anything that can duplicate the granite look. If you counter has a round or oval sink don't apply your colors in a circle around the sink. It won't look right. Maintain a pattern across the whole surface. If you have a counter where the edges roll over and even under, special attention will be needed here as well to match the over all look. again look for runs and drips. Sure most people won't be looking up on the underside but it pays to always do a job right. Your young toddler as well as your pooch will appreciate it. I jumped around here some but perhaps it might help. Again the back splash, work at it the most to get it right, the flat areas are easy.

  • H.C. - Little did I know...

    ...that the chicken nugget world record was recorded just a few minutes from our house. This book was purchased as a gift for our soon this past holiday season and he has read it from front to back and back to front. He loves it and because he loves it, so do I.

  • James - My first Nerf gun

    I'm 37 years old, and this was my first Nerf gun. What a blast! Impressive range and power, you'll find yourself setting up bottles and cans in the hallway and having a little target practice fun I guarantee.