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  • Amazon Customer - Didn't work for me.

    I had a hole the size of the very tip of a pen in my radiator and this solution sealed it for a few minutes while I left the car on idle but the seal broke and never repaired itself again. Then the o-ring on my radiator drain soon broke too. Not sure if this solution had something to do with that but it didn't work for me. A waste of 8 bucks. I previously, on another car, used a solution with copper flakes and that worked very well.

  • Vanessa Fee - Nice glasses

    My boyfriend loves the color purple so I took a chance and bought these Ray Bans for his birthday. Great news was that he loved the glasses! Bad news was that I found all these Ray Bans (RB3025) that are posted on Amazon for $70+ for $19.99 on a different website! Next time I'll scout around a bit more on the web before making an impulse purchase.

  • lake5074 - FANTASTIC ON WINGS

    A friend told me about this using this seasoning on wings. I tried it and it is AMAZING! Family and friends LOVE these wings and they are so simple. YOu just coat the wings in the seasoning and bake at 450 for about 45 minutes-1 hour.