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  • Sandra Simpson - good product!

    The simplicity, yet style of these headphones, as well as the packaging, set them apart from the other units out there that I've tried. These were packaged in a nice case with a little net to help store the extra pieces so you don't lose them and they don't rattle around in the case.

  • Nicholas Pardon - It's time to shave!

    I live by this product. At this price you can't beat it to order from Amazon. If you ever have a 'rough' time shaving then this is for you. Amazon also carries the 4 step starter kit which I definitely recommend for first time Art of Shaving users.

  • amanda cole - I am in love with this skin care line!

    This is so different from any skin product I have ever used!!! Everything about it feels natural. It is organic, it is creamy, it comes out a light shade of brown which is good because honestly- what in nature is pure white and opalescent(like other unnatural cleansers)?

  • Liron - Not Nearly A Million

    This book does not even come close to delivering on its promise of one million random digits. My expectations were high after reading the first sentence, which contained ten unique digits. However, the author seems to have exhasted his creativity in this initial burst, because the other 99.999% of the book is filler in which those same ten digits are shamelessly reused!