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  • Pix_Z - Easy, effective--and somewhat incomplete

    This book addresses the needs of the many people in our society whose insulin response has gone astray, resulting in symptoms like high blood pressure or high cholesterol and triglyerides.


    Very well made! feels like real a professional grade torque wrench. Im an auto mechanic by trade and this torque wrench definitely meets my expectations for a good quality shop grade/daily use type of tool. Easy to read settings, Has a nice smooth tactile "click" when desired torque has been achieved. As the instructions state get a feel for the wrench and practice on a fastener or mock up nut or bolt, also helps to break in the tool.

  • Wing Tang - Good upgrade-

    I got this harddrive for my brother inlaw's 5 year old Sony laptop. I noticed it was taking atleast 2 minutes boot up then another 3-4 minutes to have explorer to finish loading after clearing all start up from running. Well the harddrive wasn't running at optimal speeds anymore and i suggested to upgrade to a SSD before it dies completely.

  • bioguyak - Great for sensitive skin types who want retinol

    I love this stuff for use on my face and neck. I had problems in the past with deep wrinkles starting to set in long before they should on anyone. After a couple of doses with this a day for about a week the problem areas really started to go away. The 2.5% retinol really helps along with the natural oils. I also had some dark spots from tanning outdoors and working outside when I was younger, now those are almost gone completely thanks to the skin brighteners. Would recommend to anyone that wants to add a simple cream to their routine in order to get results fast. I also have sensitive skin and was worried about the retinol reacting with it, not the case. Just use a little on a test spot, but if you are like me then you will have no worries after that.

  • Busy mama - Lightest full double stroller out there

    I must preface by saying that the side-by-side double strollers are considerably lighter than the tandem double strollers (unless you look at the sit and stands). With that said, this is one of the lightest double strollers out there. Even at 22 lbs, it's still pretty heavy (I'm used to just using a deluxe umbrella stroller).

  • satellitehigh - Warning: Attracts Alien Life!

    This product definitely works great for fixing an unruly head of hair but what the other reviews don't mention is that it also acts as a beacon for sentient life on other planets. Three minutes after turning it on to comb my trademark "Macklemore" haircut, I was startled by a sudden knock at my apartment door and opened it to reveal three small grey creatures. They had giant eyes and big heads and were all wearing tie-dyed t-shirts that read "Chills" and one of them pointed what appeared to be a space-weapon at my chest.

  • lantori - I didn't expect it to be a great vacuum but its more cumbersome to frequently clean the ...

    Steamer function really works well. The vacuum does not work very well. I didn't expect it to be a great vacuum but its more cumbersome to frequently clean the dirt cup. I basically use the steam function on this machine, works really well. It is also more bulkier than most steam mops because of the built in vacuum so it is hard to clean under the bed or the sofa.