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  • Bryan - Great Cycling Shoe

    I was happy to find a cycling shoe that came in wide. I wear a size 11 wide, most my shoes are New Balance because they sell wide shoes that are comfy to me. I ordered these in size 46, and they fit my feet perfect. Very comfortably, just make sure you don’t walk in them, as least not for any extended distance, if you have to walk more than 50 feet on asphalt, I would suggest taking them off to avoid damaging the shoe, as well as foot comfort. They work so nicely on my bike (Trek 2100ZR) with the SPD-R540 pedals, these are my first cycling shoes, and I am so happy, I immediately noticed a change in my cycling performance. *** I only fell once while practicing clipping and uncliping in my kitchen =) , didnt get hurt, just layed in the kitchen floor nd laughed my ass off at how stupid I probably looked. ***


    I couldn't put it down till the end. I enjoyed it fully although horrified of what our prison system is like. I can't wait for another. I've read all of the Dillard series. My husband and I love your books!

  • Kacey D. - Mixed feelings...

    Nice camera, no instructions. Difficult to figure out how to get to the menus and make changes. Heat in Texas is too much for the unit. It will lock up until the interior of the car cools off. The back camera does not fit into the mount very tight, so can vibrate off. The heat also affects the double sided tape as the back camera fell off after sitting outside in the heat for a few hours. I like the unit and the video, just not too happy with the mounting. The power cable is not my favorite as it occupies one of my outlets. I ordered a shorter USB cable for the back camera and mounted it beside the front camera facing the interior or the car.