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  • Lee Witt - Best Price

    My 2012 Norton 360 is about to go out. I went looking at retail stores and found the 2013 to run around $90.00, give or take a few bucks. Amazon had it for 1/4 the price and free shipping!

  • chai - doesnt work for me.

    I have very very sensitive skin. this worked for may be 2 days but after them my skin became dry, and i starting getting white heads. Though i like Aveeno body lotion this product did not reach my expectations.

  • Mary - Only 2016 not 2017

    I liked the idea but I didn't realize this was only a 2016 calendar. Being that I purchased it in September there wasn't much use for it. Other than that I really liked the size, how it was made, and the amount of space there was to write in details and homework.