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  • Amazon Customer - Second thoughts

    Thank you all for the reviews of this product. I watched the infomercial last night about am because of my arthritis it's hard for me to get comfortable and sleep well. After reading all the reviews I am having second thoughts. Although I am very excited about the Shaklee Alfalfa. I will look into that further.

  • jlhfore - I like the way I feel

    I have become a big fan of the Zija Product. I feel better and maintain my energy levels thru the day much better.

  • Damon Bolt - It Just Works!

    Plain & simple, this stuff works. I've been taking MasterBrain for nearly 2 weeks now & my day-to-day level of productivity has increased greatly. Before I was a coffee before workout, coffee mid morning & occasional coffee in the afternoon in hopes that it would keep me focused. With MasterBrain, I'll take them upon waking & over the course of a morning I'll maybe drink a whole cup, & I have no problems at all being able to sit down & get projects/tasks done without losing my train of thought. In my opinion, regarding the AM, MasterBrain definitely increases mental clarity, focus and - not necessarily energy like a pre-workout would give you - a natural, heightened sense of being alert.