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  • Ewen Wallace - Not Metric

    This is an old version - no good for metric countries. I'd have to go through each number and subtract 32, multiply by 5 then divide by 9. Does anyone have a macro for this?

  • S. Curtis - Like A Supercharged Natural Anti-Biotic

    My Naturopathic Doctor first prescribed this product when I had a severe chest cold and cough. Hands down the best immune support I've ever tried. When sick, or getting there, no matter how severe the symptoms, I take 3 capsules, 3 times a day. It has never taken more than 48 hours to feel much, much, better. I've already recommended this supplement to several friends and family members who report similar results. We'll keep Super-Bio on hand from now on for real immune system support. This is powerful stuff.

  • Shawna Solomon - excited about this stuff

    I would like to start by saying that I normally am not moved enough, one way or the other, to review products. I am also fairly pessimistic due to having tried a lot of things that haven't worked for me. I have back pain due to injuries, arthritis and FMS. I hoped this product might be helpful but wasn't counting on it. I certainly didn't expect immediate results. A few hours after taking it I found myself pain free. This has lasted 12 hrs now and counting. I will continue use and provide an update but I am wondering if I have finally found what I've been searching for. Will have to continue use to see.