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  • Kipp H. - I would look else where.

    This battery pack was bought to use as a emergency backup while flying for a phone, ipad or stratus. I used it the day I got it to verify its ability and Im glad I did. The pack provided less then 3/4 charge on my Ipad Air 2 before dying. Additionally the pack became very hot during discharge. I'm currently awaiting a response from seller and will update review when this is recieved.

  • Sparta - Great story

    The author does a wonderful job creating an interesting world and a fun quest. At the heart of the book is the battle-trained young Rina, who watched her family be killed by invaders. Her escape is well written and with only her loyal body guard Rina makes her way to an ancient sorcerer—the Ink Mage—who gifts her with a strange magical tattoos. In this world it is the tattoo that works the magic. An interesting process and cute idea. I look forward to the next story. This is a complete tale with no cliffhanger.

  • LASohn - ... helps you lose weight because it makes you sweat like you in a field for real

    Ths producr really helps you lose weight because it makes you sweat like you in a field for real. Instant hot flashes..omg but works. I lost 10 pounds in two weeks

  • [email protected] - My Prayers Answered

    During the last few years, I have had an accumulation of small but very troublesome aging symptoms. I read in detail Dr. Klatz's book and decided HGH was an avenue for treating them. His book went into detail about the research and everthing was well documented for traceability. I ventured upon HGH2000 (HGH with special additives) with very good hats off to the doctor!