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  • roxy123 - Anybody having joint pain?

    I've been using Amberen for 8 days now. Has anyone had joint issues using it? I'm noticing cramping in my wrists and arms. Just wondering if it's normal aches from my workout? Or could the Amberen be causing this? Other then that, I'm noticing I'm not as tired. And I'm not sure if it's my water intake? But I've been peeing a lot more then the norm. Lol.. And have lost a couple pounds. I've read the joint pain, could be what they call menopausal arthritis. Idk. Hope it's not the Amberen. Any feed back from others would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I would give more stars. But I still need more time with it.

  • GarionOrb - Simple and Wonderful

    I've said it about a million times on various reviews I've written. The mark of a real artist, regardless of genre, is the ability for them to try new things, and succeed at them. We knew back in 2008/2009 that there was greatness instilled in Lady Gaga, and throughout the last eight years she has shown to be a phenomenal performer, chameleon, and artist in general with a penchant for showmanship. We've seen her tackle pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, and country and in each case she has seemed perfectly at home. As though it just came naturally to her. So is the same for Joanne, her latest album and reincarnation.

  • Vanessa Ruiz - I wouldn't recommend this product!!

    The product is a fake it didn't work for me, I would never buy it again and wouldn't recommend it to no one!!

  • Amazon Customer - Unbelievable!

    I bought this book as a result of a link Amazon gave me when I ordered another book on insulin resistance. I didn't even look at it right away and once I did, I was blown away. I always had so much trouble losing weight, despite being on innumerable diets. Lately, I had been doing low-carb, but that does become difficult to follow long-term. The link-and-balance system that the authors describe in great detail works great for me and I can already feel good results after two weeks. I wish I had looked at this book first! I've become an evangelist for what I believe could be my last diet. It's amazing that something so simple works so well.

  • Stacey Sinclair - Best vitamin for fast hair growth!

    My hair stylist was shocked after 7 weeks when I returned to her chair my hair had grown several inches. I them told her I was taking the vitamins. I have been very pleased thus far with the results from the product. So much so I went back and purchased a 4 month supply

  • ChristmasShopper - Not the same formula as years ago.

    I've been using this on my kids mostly as a shampoo not a body wash. I first used it about 4 years ago when my first son was born. I remember the formula being much "thicker". My first bottle lasted me 2 years!! When I went back to buy it again, it seemed like it changed to a "thinner" formulation and it didn't last nearly as long. I still love the light scent and it doesn't irritate my kids eyes or skin. Just taking off one star because the formula changed. Still a great product.

  • Linda linlu Ruiz - Prefer this brand to APC. Seems like you get more for your money

    Finally an UPS that can handle a tower PC, mac mini, notebooks, Roku, cable box and other plugged in items. It was a bit of overkill for the wiring closet (router, switches, wireless access points, home automation modules) so I bought the 850VA for that and used this to support another desktop, KVM and three notebooks.