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  • B. Rahn - Miracle tea

    I am amazed at this tea. I was miserable for 3 1/2 months with a lung infection after quitting smoking. The prescription medicines I used didn't ease the misery of this at all, so I ordered this tea hoping for some relief. After using this tea for one day, I had dramatic results; no more sore, irritated lungs; less congestion; better mood!!! Wish I had tried this 3 1/2 months ago. From now on, this tea will be in my cabinet; I won't be without it again! I am stunned that an herbal tea works better than the meds my doctor prescribed.

  • Amazon Customer - This is the best keyboard I have ever owned

    This is the best keyboard I have ever owned. Period. It's really not hard to say that. I was considering this or the Corsair K90 and when comparing the two in person, I really enjoy the feel of Razer's custom mechanicals compared to the Cherry Reds in the K90. The lighting and effects are by far superior. And it's just an awesome all around product with the added support of Razers Software to map keystrokes and change the lighting effects. The customizability of the lighting effects is amazing, it'll keep you busy for a while.

  • Jessica - Too faced?

    I guess I always just thought foundation primer was enough, but ever since I've used this eye primer (compared to a cheaper one I had recently used from a big well known SuperCenter) I have noticed that it keeps the chosen eye shadow color almost identical as it looked as before touching it, not to mention that ever since I've used it, I hardly ever see creases from the makeup on my lids, it just keeps everything intact, from the color's radiance, to it's position lol Seriously, truly worth the buy* ;)

  • Amazon Customer - Use it or lose it?

    I give this product no stars but 1 is required at least to post this!! It never helped me grow any hair back and over time just came to a point that I am getting older and my hair will never be the same...basically I am at the stage of acceptance plus this stuff I hate to say it but cost me a few months of problems in the bedroom with my wife...and that is never a good feeling to a man. I'd rather have a bald head and a vibrant sex life than a magic potion with no results. Guys heed my warning...use it if you want just not for too long. Don't believe me check some online forums about sexual side effects due to use, very interesting the amount people who had this problem.