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  • The Tempest - Mediocre at best

    The book is really mediocre at best. Very few concepts are explained in a simple way, and the majority of things are explained in such a round about way that you get a headache trying to figure out what the author is saying.

  • AslieA - Amazing.

    Within an hour I'm too sleepy to fight it. My favorite aspect is the morning after. As long as I get enough hours of sleep I rarely feel the groggy 'hangover-esque' feeling I get from other sleep aids.

  • Amazon Customer - A Cooking Revolution!

    I have a thrift store microwave, and I must admit it was largely unused until this brilliant tome entered my life. You see, the keypad was "jacked" according to the gentleman(?) who sold it to me. This is apparently not a feature to be desired. When I received the book as a consolation prize at the Moose Lodge mime karaoke contest, the title piqued my interest. Turns out that magical "One" key mentioned in the title IS the only key needed to cook with a microwave. My Pinterest brag shots now include Victory Lentil Stew (11:11), Afternoon Delight Melange (1:11) and Quick Sushi (0:01). I'm waiting with bated breath for sequels, as I have been inspired to have the keypad fixed. Can't wait to see what can be done with the "Two" button!

  • J.S. Head - Good stuff

    My six year old liked it. I think it's incredibly stupid you require a certain amount of words for a review. This will be the last one info because of that.

  • Michelle Sheridan - All natural!

    I LOVE the Eminence skincare products. My esthetician recommended to me as she is from Hungary and that is where these products are made and from. Extremely good products, cream of the crop!

  • Armando velazquez - Best cutter ever

    This is a must have tool for any electrician I bought this because i needed to install 4" recessed lights on plaster ceiling I have a 6" hole saw carbide and I was looking for the same but 4" when I saw this cutter and I decided to give it a try since sometimes I install 8" speakers to be able to make all different sizes of holes with one tool and is amazing how this works I couldn't believe how easy I made those 4" hole on plaster after that I clean the cutter and inspected because I was worried that the bit was damage but nothing it looks like I haven't used it yet so I highly recommend this cutter 👍🏻