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  • Linda L. - Feliway Diffuser Plug in for Cats

    I wanted to help my new cat come out of hiding, and read that this is one of the feline problems this product can take care of. I left the diffuser in until if was used up, and had the cat enclosed in one room (she hid under the bed and would only come out at night when no one was around to eat, etc.). I didn't want our other cat to bother her because she was scared all the time. Anyway, it did not work. It did nothing. I wondered about the positive reviews on the Internet - were they from actual customers? At any rate I'm glad I bought this on Amazon- I saved $25.00. These cost $50.00 in the stores! Shopping at Amazon makes actual store shopping seem primitive.

  • BayGuy1943 - Water Floss only the teeth you want to keep !

    Water Floss only the teeth you want to keep . 6 months ago my doctor told me floss or else ! I hate flossing ,but then I discovered the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser . It's Fast , Fun and easy . Once you've tried it and see how easy and fun it is , you will wonder why it took you so long to water floss . My dentist was right . you will be amazed what gets stuck between your teeth . you will soon see for yourself what the dentist is talking about . My breath is fresher and my mouth feels cleaner than ever before . My gums are now pink and healthy and they will now always be that way . It only takes about 30 seconds a day to make your mouth feel really FRESH ! Due something good for yourself and the teeth you want to keep ..... order a Water Flosser Today !

  • Less Antman - A good product doesn't justify deception

    I have been recommending Willmaker Plus for years to friends and clients needing basic estate documents. Now, I'll need to carefully investigate every new version of every Quicken product to be sure they haven't quietly removed key features. For someone just needing a will, health care directive, and financial power of attorney, the product is probably as good as ever, which is excellent. For someone planning to make a living trust, make sure to buy version 9, not 10, because they have removed this feature while designing their product box, description, and advertising without any mention of the fact. That there are now some suspicious 5-star ratings from brand new reviewers only serves to lower their credibility even more.

  • Kindle Customer - Nail bitting in places.

    Erica Sparks works for GNN with her very own news show and at the top of her game.She loves her work and is at the last debate of the Democrat candidates waiting to talk to the candidates as they enter the building. As the second candidate approaches her a bomb goes off and kills Buchanan, his wife and a number of people around them. This leaves Senator Michael Ortiz as the Democratic candidate. His wife Celeste who is very wealthy in her own right works with him toward the presidency. On the Republican side is Lucy Winters. She is very middle class looking and just does not have that bling the Ortiz couple seems to have. There is something not quite right with Mike Ortiz though and Erica intends to find out what it is before the general election. Some time ago Mike Ortiz was on a humanitarian trip to Iraq when he was kidnapped. He was a prisoner for 9 months and 9 days. Erica feels this is where the change came in his life and she starts working to find out what happened to him during that time. There are murders, kidnapping and time is running out. A must read!